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Now that you’re an expert at sourcing custom apparel, it’s time to move on to the next step: Having the right packaging. At the same time, a new client may be impressed with the elaborate design of your t-shirts. They will probably be more interested in how their order is presented when they receive it.

You want your customers to feel special when they open their packages, and custom kraft box packaging is a great way to add extra flair. Here are five ways you can personalize your packaging for custom apparel.

  • Customize your boxes with your company logo.
  • Try to create a uniform look with your merchandise packaging.
  • Use different-sized boxes based on the size of your apparel.
  • Don’t forget about protecting the contents of your box!
  • Make sure your customers know what’s in their box and how to open it!
  • Use a custom box to showcase your brand.
  • Pick the right box for the right purpose.
  • Use a tamper-evident seal to keep customers safe.
  • Think outside the box… no pun intended.
  • Create an insert to hold garments in place and provide added value.

Customize your boxes with your company logo. You can also have your company name or logo printed on the outside of your boxes. This will make them more recognizable and easier to spot on shelves. So potential customers will know where to find your product. Having your logo printed on the box will also give the customer a sense of trust.

When people order, put fun animations. It is nice to change the look of the box to different colors. It is also a good idea to make it more interesting for customers by including customizable memes or graphics that are related to your brand personality. You can do this by buying small amounts of colorful cardboard at Amazon, or you can order custom prints from Staples.

Let’s add a “Got it” button. When customers open your box, they can click the button if they want to buy what is in the box. It will be easier for customers because you will give them a chance to say “Yes” when they open the box rather than have them put something in their cart and then decide if they want it or not.

Give your customers custom quotes.

Bigger and better things are coming. Some companies may be successful at creating an awe-inspiring custom experience for their customers, but what works for your company? Not sure?

Take a photo of your look book and use it to inspire your next box. Different colors work well with different products, so you should show shades for the hot pink or a green shirt. You can also lower prices which might increase the number of customers who buy from you.

Try to create a uniform look with your merchandise packaging.

If you deliver to a customer, do you show them how happy they will be with what they have asked for? Or do you give them a box of 1,000 shirts that may not be what they wanted? I know the first comes off as more professional. But I promise it is more expensive.

A personal thank you can show that you care. You can use it as a way to create a good brand for your business. Say something like, “I really like your shirt, don’t you?” Or say, “When I opened the package, I knew this was the best shirt in the world at a great price.” But do not make it sound like an advertisement.

Highlight the Perfect Packaging Detail Colors can be subtle

People should not be bored when they pack. The most common packing issue is the top: you can’t find a lot of colors on the company’s website, and so you cannot pick a different color.

If you want your box to stand out, then make sure that it is different from other boxes in design. Pick a material that will catch people’s attention. You can also try different colors or printing processes. For example, Shirt show has made this shirt with odd polka dots.

Some customers might choose the first shirt they see. This is because it isn’t their investment in custom apparel.

Use different-sized boxes based on the size of your apparel.

The best way to show people clothes is by using different-sized boxes based on the size of the clothing. Buyers should see a picture of someone wearing the clothes with a price tag in the background. If you have old pictures, do not replace them because it is not cost-efficient.

Creating a space for people to see their clothing on the model may help them know what they are buying. If they don’t want to spend too much, this will help them know what is worth it and not.

If you want to update your old lifestyle photos, try these ideas. Use custom packaging. A box and a photo of the model can look more professional. Add simple colors like jewel tones, gold, and beiges to help people relate better to the box they just got out of. Have the same size box all the time, so customers know what they are getting.

Custom Kraft boxes for retail

The smaller box will help you create a variety of looks when your customers open their packages. You can offer free personalized photos or videos to give people more in-depth looks at the box they received. By doing this, you will be helping your company stand out, and no other store can do that.

Brand your box. Put initials on it, so people know who made it. Use a photo that looks good. Put pictures of branding on the box for other things, like movies and sports stuff.

Don’t forget about protecting the contents of your box!

When you start your own business, one of the first things you should think about is how to protect it. A business can sue and be sued. This means if someone harms your business, your business can seek damages from them.

With this box, you will need to keep your company’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) confidential. You should also protect the contents from scratches and marks. Every box comes with a code that tells where the box can be opened. To get clues about what the codes mean, go to the USPS website or ask a postal worker for help if you can print out a list of special codes. Get the best package printing services at a wholesale rate.

Some of the key things you in custom boxes

One thing that improves your box is sticking with branded product packaging.

It is important to put your logo on products. It will let people know what you are selling and the brand. This is good for t-shirts, hoodies, and other sectioned t-shirts with colors.

You might need to research if your custom apparel line is good for rural expansion. Before companies travel to sell these products, they want to know how much inventory they need. Remember that goal: Have your product in-store. Having the brand message on the package is important, but it may not be enough to rank your product.

By Manali