Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

In today’s world, basic income, which for many years was only a theoretical solution to poverty, is becoming a reality. This concept was first proposed in the last century, but its implementation is happening right now. Several countries already pay their citizens a certain amount, which the latter can dispose of at their discretion.


If we talk about the countries in which the initiative continues to be tested, then these should include Finland. Today, about 2,000 unemployed people receive an unconditional income in it. All participating Finns are between the ages of 25 and 58. The amount of assistance is fixed and amounts to 560 euros. Recipients are determined randomly. They lose other social benefits but may continue to receive payments even after they find a job. Since the program has shown good results, it is expected that the program will be continued next year.

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Livorno, Italy

The Italian government does not lag behind its Finnish counterparts. The municipality of Livorno has introduced an unconditional income for 100 families, who, in terms of their monthly income, are the poorest in the city. The program has been running since 2016. Its features are as follows:

  • the amount of income is 517 euros;
  • families should not receive other subsidies;
  • In 2017, the program was expanded to an additional 100 families.

The initiator of the launch of the program is the mayor of Livorno. According to him, this decision allows the residents of the town to get out of a difficult situation without facing bureaucratic delays. In Italy, the process of calculating subsidies is quite complex and time-consuming, and the provision of unconditional income is not burdened with such difficulties. Naples and Ragusa are watching an experiment that will determine whether free income should be introduced in other cities in the country.


Kenya is also on the list of countries that pay their fellow citizens money without additional obligations. In it, an unconditional income is valid for 6,000 residents of rural areas of the country. Each of them receives about 22 dollars in local currency for their needs. The program will run up to 12 years. It must be understood that the indicated amount is quite impressive for the local population.

Utrecht, The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, people also have the opportunity to receive an unconditional income. The program works for the residents of Utrecht, who have taken part in it since 2017. We are talking about 250 lucky people who receive 960 euros in their account every month. The amount of payments depends on certain requirements. For example, up to $960, you can receive an additional allowance if participants begin to volunteer.

Marika, Brazil

In a new light, the program is also beginning to take root. Residents of Marika can receive $30 a month, and the payment does not depend on whether they go to work or not. For low-income families, the program provides an additional payment of $28.

By Manali