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Coming right from the East Coast of the United States of America to the shores of Australia, the Hamptons-style kitchen is here to stay. Homeowners in Sydney are especially eager to incorporate the airy, simple yet understated elegance in their homes & more importantly, their kitchens! But why is everyone talking about these kitchens? Are you thinking of kitchen renovations & you’re not sure if this style is for you? We’ll tell you all about it!

What is a Hamptons-style kitchen?

On the East end of Long Island, there is a stretch of seaside communities that feature some of the United States of America’s most exclusive & expensive real estate— The Hamptons. An address in the Hamptons is the ultimate hallmark of wealth & affluence in the USA. These properties, home to some of America’s wealthiest & most famous, are as stunning inside as they are outside.

A highlight of houses in the Hamptons is their kitchens. The highlight of this kitchen style is the coastal vibe, mixed in with traditional elements & a great dose of indulgence. So is it any surprise that this kitchen design is winning hearts & awards?

Traditionally, this kitchen style is large & open with high ceilings & island benchtops, making it suited for houses with enough space to incorporate them. However, with modern kitchen makeovers, designers are successfully tweaking the design elements to make them suitable for all home types.

Some Elements of a Hamptons-style Kitchen You Cannot Miss Out.

These kitchens have some elements that make them instantly recognisable. Make sure you are including these elements in your kitchen renovations.

  • The Cabinets & Floors

When we think of houses in the Hamptons, the first thing that comes to mind is lots of natural light & airy interiors. The kitchens have large windows to allow in plenty of sunlight & white cabinets to reflect the natural light. You can think of installing white cabinets with a satin or matte finish. A dark wooden floor will nicely compliment your white cabinets. It adds a distinguished look to your kitchen & instantly gives your kitchen the Hamptons look.

  • A large island benchtop

There is just something about a large island benchtop that adds so much charm to your kitchen. The island is the central focus of any kitchen in the Hamptons. So, your island must stand out. Choose a marble or wooden benchtop for your island counter. You can also choose an engineered stone or timber displaying a rich grain, as an alternative to the marble & wood, for the island top.

  • The Seating

Add in bench seating or bar stools to create a breakfast bar. Opt for natural materials & colours for the Hamptons-inspired look. You can choose from materials such as rattan, jute or upholstered linen; in neutral or cool colours like blues and greens. For the material, you can go with raw or painted timber.

  • The Tiles

Although the traditional tile patterns remain the favourite, you can always choose a splashback pattern for your kitchen. Popular alternatives that go well with a Hamptons-style kitchen are herringbone or hexagonal. While white remains the most favoured colour for the tiles, you can also choose from colours like icy blues, pale greens and greys to accentuate the walls.

  • The Pendant Lights

Another very distinctive feature of such kitchens is the large pendant lights. When picking out the lights, don’t shy out & go big and bold! It is a popular belief that installing large lights makes a space look cramped. However, contrary to popular belief, the light & shade caused by large pendant lights gives a greater sense of space & makes your kitchen seem lighter, brighter & airier. As for the lights, you can skip on the designer fixtures & instead go for ones that you feel will add character to your kitchen.

  • The Smallest Details

Don’t forget to pay attention to the small details, such as door handles & other hardware items. Just like your jewellery & accessories, these little details enhance the look & feel of space. Add little architectural elements to your cabinet doors, or go for Shaker-style panelled cabinets for added elegance. You can even go for high cabinets with internal strip lighting to accentuate the height of the ceiling.

  • The Paint

You can skip out on the white & choose from a variety of neutral or pale colour schemes. You can even paint the walls in dusty colours to make the crisp white cabinets pop out more. Painting the walls is one of the most effective ways to make a noticeable impact with minimal effort. If you’re feeling bold, you can even introduce a little black. But you must beware that too much black can spoil the look & feel you’re trying to achieve.

  • Accessorise

You can add a splash of warmth to your kitchen by adding accessories. A thick rug for the kitchen floor, cushions for the seats, and placemats for the breakfast bar go a long way to soften the look & make the space more lived.

Can I Get A Hamptons-style Kitchen Renovation in Sydney?

Of course, you can! This kitchen style has been getting a lot of attention in Australia. Functionality, style & warmth are the three defining characteristics of this kitchen style. The simple yet indulgent style of these kitchens is winning the hearts of Sydney homeowners! You can look at Inspired Designer Kitchens’ gallery for renovation ideas or a custom one of your own.

At Inspired Designer Kitchens, we strive to provide our clients with kitchen designs that suit their lifestyle needs & budget. We specialise in designing & manufacturing custom kitchens. Our team of experts & designers work relentlessly to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Our designers use 3D imaging to give you a look & feel of the proposed design. We use cutting-edge technology & modern machinery to ensure that your kitchen is according to industry standards.

What’s Next?

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By Manali