Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
rehab at home

“Rehab” is the short form of rehabilitation. And these rehabilitation centers generally help people to get rid of their addiction. There are four main stages of complete rehabilitation. The first stage of rehabilitation is to rest and control the injury, the second stage is to recover your motion, the third stage is to recover your strength and the fourth stage is to recover your function. Rehabilitation centers also provide care to the patient at home, it is not necessary for you to go to a rehab center, you can also seek treatment at your home. Rehab at home can provide you with many facilities, some of them are: 

  • joint replacements 
  • fractures 
  • neurological conditions 
  • respiratory conditions 
  • cardiac conditions 
  • problems and falls 
  • spinal conditions   

It also provides some treatment services. These home rehab services include Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, wound care or care coordination etc.

How long can a patient stay in rehab?

Many rehab centers allow short-term stays between 28 to 30 days. Rehab centers that have residential facilities offer more than one month’s stay, but for this, they charge extra fees. The stay can be extended in the cases in which they notice that the patient is recovering.

How rehab can help the patients?

Rehabilitation helps patients to minimize or slow down the effects of chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes by using different strategies. Rehabilitation centres are care centers, that can help the patients to get back, keep or improve their mental, physical or cognitive ( thinking and learning ) abilities ( that they have lost because of a disease or injury or as a side effect from medical treatment ), that are necessary for their daily life. Rehab nurses help the patients in different ways, they educate and assist patients to live with and appropriately manage chronic illnesses and injuries. They help the patients to return to their normal life, after a serious injury or illness.

Advantages of rehab at home:

 Some main advantages of rehab at home are discussed below:

  • No Transportation Required
  • Peace of home
  • Mental satisfaction
  • Personalized care
  • Patient get well soon

No transportation need:

 The main benefit of in-home rehab is that you don’t need to worry about transportation. Arranging for transportation is a great stress for you and your family. Not only transportation is an issue, but the unwanted traffic on roads is also a big hurdle that can be a cause of discomfort for you. Some communities offer senior transportation services, but arranging for this is also a daunting task. 

Peace of Home:

The other benefit of rehab at home is the peace and complete silence, which is not available in rehab centers because there are many patients that come to rehab hospitals for treatment, therefore rehab centers are often crowded and noisy. And due to the in-availability of mental peace, seniors face a lot of difficulties in performing the exercises that are important for a patient. In-home rehabilitation seniors can easily perform their exercises in the quiet and comfortable environment of the home.

More Personalized Care

At home, therapists can check the patient with full attention, as they only need to look after a few patients. As they have few patients they can give more personalized care to them. However, if you don’t like therapists visiting your home every day, you can also opt for a virtual therapy program. In a virtual therapy program, like the one offered by the Los Angeles rehab center, you can attend your therapy sessions online from home. These programs make use of internet services such as video conferencing apps like Zoom, texting, and phone conversations for providing adequate care. The level of such a program falls in between regular outpatient treatment and more intensive levels of care, such as inpatient residential treatment or partial hospitalization programs. The good point is that you are with your loved ones. And you can also perform some additional exercises with great comfort.

Faster Recovery: Due to more personalized care, you can get well soon. It is noticed in many cases, that the patients heal faster at home.

By Manali