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Ajrakh printed blouses can go with any of your saree and will look perfect. Gives you a feel of Indian wear and it’s eye-catching. Girls who want to look beautiful with less work have these blouses. Sure you will love these designs . Hand designs are a game changer if you pair with any simple Georgette saree or cotton saree. People won’t stop giving you sweet compliments , blouses can change the overall look of your outfit , pairing any jewellery with it will look fabulous. When you look beautiful you feel confident and a natural flow on your face will come especially when it’s your special day or any special function in your house.

      Floral printed design for cotton sarees

Floral blouses are trending everywhere and everyone wants these designs because it will not only give you comfort, it will make your outfit best and beautiful.These blouse design is going to turn everyone’s eyes with the elegance of floral printed design. The rose pattern in these cotton blouses can go with any of your Cotton saree and make you feel attractive and beautiful. Half sleeves will be best for Summers because of sweat and heat .

       Attractive black blouse with half sleeves

Black blouse will save all your money because black is the colour that can go with any colour and looks beautiful on every girl . These simple designs of cotton blouses are much appreciated  especially for cotton sarees. The Red and Black combination will kill everyone with your looks . You can wear these with any light or Heavy jewellery and on any occasion.

         Printed blouse with flower pattern

There are always the kind of women who prefer simple blouses with heavy saree to look stunning at parties . Bright colours of blouses will look beautiful with any light colour saree or lehengas just wear it and kill everyone with your stunning outfit and beautiful face.Half sleeves flower pattern with red lining is looking perfect. Cotton blouses can go with any material of sarees and lehengas .

          Floral printed blouse design

V- neck floral printed blouse design makes you feel confident in any outfit  . Don’t think too much about what to wear in any function. Just pick any of these blouses and you are good to go .Black colours are like magic. It will not only save your money, it will enhance your beauty and overall look. Heavy printed design on hand can go with any Heavy or simple saree. Some additional jewellery can just be a perfect charm .

          Off sleeves stylish blouse design

Multiple colour is also a game changer and can go with multiple types of sarees and lehengas . Off-sleeved blouses would give a bold look in any party and everyone will look only at you . Can Pair with any pearl or jewellery in any function. It’s surely going to fetch you compliments whenever you wear it. Very soft fabric and fancy design suits every girl .

         Multiple flowers printed blouse design

It is one of the best designs for every girl who is getting married or getting married , soft work all over the blouse is looking stunning . If you want a perfect photo then wear these types of blouses. It will not only give you a perfect look but also it is budget friendly.  Perfect for brides , pairing light jewellery with it would be a perfect combination of bold and soft look.


These fancy printed blouse designs with floral patterns will go with any outfit and these should be a part of your wardrobe. Girls want fancy blouses to merge it with any simple outfits and these blouses will help them . Half sleeves to these blouses are perfect for Summers . Pairing it with jewellery will look fabulous on any occasion and especially for weddings.  

By Manali

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