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All You Need to Know About The Doors of Stone

The Doors of Stone third and final novel in American author Patrick Rothfuss’s The Kingkiller Chronicle series. As per update release date not yet announced. There were only three years between the release of the first book, The Name of the Wind, and the release of the second book.
As of now, there is no set release date for third. Not everything, however, has been forgotten. Author takes his work seriously, as evidenced by his comments in some videos and podcasts, and he owes it to his fans to provide them with the best possible book.

Synopsis of the plot

It will pick up where The Wise Man’s Fear left off in Kvothe’s life. It will cover the third and final day of the story, bringing Kvothe’s story and the arc that started in The Name of the Wind to a close. Rothfuss, on the other hand, plans to write more works set in Temerant.

Context and publication

Rothfuss stated in an interview shortly before the release of his first novel, The Name of the Wind, that he had The Doors of Stone in mind as a possible title for his third novel. He wrote the trilogy as a single story so to make sure that it is satisfying as a standalone story for the third book he is actively revising it.

Rothfuss confirmed in FAQ that, despite his editor’s initial dislike of the title, book three would be titled The Doors of Stone because it became the de facto title by popular consensus; Rothfuss added editor was now “comfortable” with the title. As stated by Rothfuss it will mostly be a little shorter than The Wise Man’s Fear and not longer. After three months of work, a publishing house illustrator completed rough sketches of the novel’s cover art in May 2013. Rothfuss has stated that the third book will take about a year and a half to complete. During a reading in San Diego, he clarified that the entire editing process takes at least a year. He postponed work on The Tale of Laniel Young-Again in order to focus on The Doors of Stone despite having finished the majority of the book.

Storyline of First Two Books

This storey is about a character named Kvothe. One of the stories debuted nine years ago. This fantasy novel is set in the Temerant realm. The storey begins with a character named Kvothe in “The Name of the Wind.” When he appeared, he became one of the realm’s most fascinating prophets. This storey is about more than just charm. It’s also about how those who aren’t as compelling can gain more power and no longer be left behind.

The second storey also mentions our characters and their eagerness to live for their legacy. This book emphasises Kvothe’s need to figure out why his parents vanished. This individual inquires about the meaning of life. You want to learn more about things, such as why they happen. The second fiction in the show plays roughly the same role as the first book and begins. Throughout the series, his goal is to discover Amir’s secret. He entered Seamlessly to complete this task.


Patrick Rothfuss has alluded to or outright confirmed storey beats from The Doors of Stone since the publication of The Wise Man’s Fear in 2011. The arc begun in The Name of the Wind will be completed in this book. Rothfuss stated in an interview that the book would show how Kvothe’s life arrived at where he is now and would involve more travelling. The book will also tell the story of Kvothe and Bast’s meeting.

Rothfuss stated, “More than three” places will we see in Book Three that we haven’t seen before during a FAQ.

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