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Sticker Printing

Sticker printing is a growing industry due to the increasing popularity of stickers for many purposes. Although it is possible to print basic stickers at your home, the quality of these stickers and their durability cannot be compared to those you can buy online. Few people have the printers or the paper quality to print durable stickers.

Like all technology, sticker printing has seen a lot of advancements over the years. The printing of stickers is no longer limited to rectangles, black-on-white, and thin paper. It can be printed on many types of paper, with unlimited color options, and in many different shapes and sizes.

Different types of sticker printing

Screen printing: This is the oldest and most popular method of printing. This simple method uses synthetic screens to transfer an image onto sticker paper. This is for basic printing and can only be used for a small number of stickers. The ink is pressed through the screen onto the stencil-covered paper. This process must be repeated for every color; a stencil is made for one color and then pressed onto the paper. Next, a stencil for the second color is made and pressed onto the paper.

Sticker paper

This process continues until all colors have been transferred and the design is complete.

Lettered printing

Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing that uses press and movable types. To create a right-sided image, a raised surface inked is applied to the sticker paper. This is often used for simple projects with only one color.


Flexography is a faster printing process that allows you to print larger quantities of stickers. This method is used frequently in commercial printing. Flexography uses a master print to create the image and then print it on a sticker while the plate is being rolled. This is a very popular method for sticker printing.

Offset printing

Offset printing is where the image is transferred from a plate to the paper. Printing with offset printing allows for many color options.

Four color process.

This process allows you to separate the colors from an original image and convert them into CMYK (cyan, magenta yellow, and black). Each color is given its own file and the stickers are printed using special inks.

Digital printing

Digital printing is the most advanced type of printing. Digital printing allows you to make last-minute changes, including color changes. Digital printing allows the ink to sit on the paper instead of being absorbed into it. Digital printing is not suitable for large quantities. It is best used for personal printing at home or in small businesses. Digital commercial printing, however, sends the image directly from the computer to the press without the need for plates. The process is faster and cleaner, but the image can still be transferred to a press.

Use a professional sticker printer

If you own a digital printer, you may believe you can print your stickers. Although this is true, the quality, and durability of your stickers will be significantly lower than what you’d get from a professional sticker printer. Color stickers can be printed by professional printers in large quantities, sometimes more than tens or thousands. There are many professional sticker printing companies that can be found on the Internet. They offer a variety of stickers and custom options.

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