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With advances in time and technology, not only mobile phones and other devices but accessories like Bluetooth Microphones are equally essential for us on a daily basis. There are all kinds of Bluetooth Microphones available on the market. Each brand has its specialties and functionalities in the products. Due to this variation in specifications, it is very important for you to choose the right microphone which suits you the best. If you are looking for some of the best Bluetooth microphones that you can shortlist to buy, then you have come to the right place. This article talks about all the best options of Bluetooth microphones that you can choose from.

Bluetooth microphone headset

Bluetooth microphone headsets are of great use when it comes to gaming and streaming. Gamers/Streamers always look for the best kind of Bluetooth microphone headset so that they can play and stream without any obstacles. If you are into gaming, check out these best streaming and gaming microphones and there are these fantastic Bluetooth microphone headset that might be the right for you-

ROG Strix Go 2.4:

ROG Strix Go 2.4 is said to be almost the perfect Bluetooth microphone headset when it comes to gaming. From the build quality to the specifications of the headset, you will be amazed by each and everything about it. 

Let us talk about what all you get when you unbox ROG Strix Go 2.4. Inside the box, you will find a user manual consisting of very simple and easy-to-follow instructions, a hard carrying case for the headset which is of great quality, the headset, a USB cable for charging the headset, a USB A to USB C adapter, the receiver of the headphone, a detachable microphone. Not only this, but you will also get a 3.5 mm cable because guess what, you can also use this headset in wired mode; now how cool is that?

Now, let’s talk about headphones. You will not be disappointed by the build quality of the headphones in any way. The headset has been designed so thoughtfully the headset looks excellent from each and every angle. While taking care of the looks of the headset, no comfort factors were compromised, as you will find the perfect cushioning on the headband and the earpads. Using the receiver, which is provided with the headset, you can use it with your mobile phones, PC, laptop, iPhones, and iPads using converter dongles. 

The highlight of this headset is that it comes with not only one but two microphones. The headset has an inbuilt microphone that you can use. But if you are looking for more precise voice output then you can use the detachable boom mic that has been provided with the headset in the box itself. The fact that it is easily detachable makes it so convenient for anyone to use. The boom mic includes Asus AI offering a superb noise cancellation feature with the headset, which works great. The battery life is as long as 25 hours for this headset. Also, the headset supports a fast-charging feature(15 minutes of charge provides 3 hours of performance). If you are someone who likes a treble heavy-sound signature then, this is the perfect headset for you. 

If you use this headset on a PC, you can use features like EQ and surround sound, which comes inbuilt with the Armoury Crate software that his headset has.


  • Focuses on treble sounds.
  • High quallity treble makes it perfect for gaming.
  • Great noise cancelling feature.


  • Not a general purpose headset. 
  • Not suitable for activities like listening to music.

Bluetooth microphone for car

In our opinion, bluetooth microphone for car should be a must to avoid any unfortunate event. One of the safe practices while driving is to use a bluetooth microphone for attending important calls. Here are some of the bluetooth microphones that you can use while driving very conveniently-

  1. New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece with Mic

New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a pretty good device considering its price. It serves the purpose of bluetooth calling in the car quite well hence it is worth the money. The technology used in the manufacturing and the designing of this earpiece makes sure that there is clear sound at both the ends to make the communication effortless. To make sure that you are safe while driving, you should definitely give a try to this wonderful bluetooth earpiece.


  • Issues with the mic are simple to fix.
  • 24 hours customer care support is available.
  • Comes with warranty.


  • Battery life isn’t very long lasting. 
  1. Grofl Mini K1 Bluetooth Earpiece with Mic

Another great option in bluetooth earpieces is Grofl Mini K1 Bluetooth Earpieces. It has a very stealth design and very light in weight hence making it very easier to carry around and use it even while driving a car. The rechargeable battery of this earpiece provides with you at least 3 hours of talk time. The earpiece is very comfortable to wear and easy to operate. The best part about this earpiece is that it comes with two-point technology which means you can connect two smartphones with this device simultaneously. This feature is very helpful if you want to switch between business and personal mobile phones conveniently while driving.


  • Very easy and fast pairing.
  • Comes with smart call answering feature.
  • Very clear sound quality.


  • Does not have a SD card supporting functionality.
  • No warranty provided.

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

Microphones for karaoke purposes are in high demand these days. When it comes to partying and jamming with friends and family, wired microphones aren’t much fun as the wires act as an obstacle to the fun. If you are a party animal then you should know about these amazing wireless bluetooth microphones to increase the fun of the gathering ten folds.

  1. Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Microphone comes with excellent build quality and is very comfortable and easy for anyone’s hand. This microphone comes with and in-built speaker making it the best fit for parties at home. You can connect this microphone to your devices using two ways- Bluetooth connection as well as Cable Connection. The bluetooth connection works withing a range of 10m which is a pretty good range. The microphone is very easy to use with simple functionalities, multi-function buttons & volume adjustment buttons. It is also very easy to change the modes and hence try different styles of singing. The battery is long lasting and provides 4 hours sing time on an estimate.


  • A self-suficient device.
  • Does not need any other equipment to make it work.
  • 10m transmission distance


  • No recording features
  1. Bluefire Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Bluefire Wireless Bluetooth microphone can be used as a microphone, a Bluetooth speaker, loudspeaker, and a recorder. It has a professional audio processor along with a superb tunning system. The microphone also offers a noice reduction feature which does its job greatly. If you want a microphone with an even more long-lasting battery life, then this is might be the right pick for you as it provides with at least 6 hours of sing time after being fully charged. It is very easy to connect this microphone and is compatible to a wide range of devices.


  • Comes with recording feature.
  • You can playback recordings.


  • Does not have two-point technology. 
  • Trying to connect two devices makes the output sound static.


Choosing the right bluetooth microphone depends on various factors. It majorly depends on the purpose for which you want a bluetooth microphone. There are different kinds of bluetooth microphones available in the market, each kind having its dedicated purpose. To figure out which microphone will be the best for you, you first need to know why you want it, or what you want it for. In this article, we discussed a few basic purposes for which a bluetooth microphone is needed such as for karaoke, bluetooth microphone for car, for gaming, etc. We hope you found something suitable for you.

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