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Yoga Class

Yes, yoga can promote the baby’s health and prepare you for labor. Prenatal yoga class focuses on meditation and exercise where specific body positions and breaths are used to connect to the body and mind. The exercises include positions designed specifically for pregnant women’s bodies. Here is how yoga class can help with pregnancy.

What Takes Place in a Prenatal Yoga Class

Your yoga teacher will encourage you to use accessories such as folded blankets, blocks, wedges, or bolsters for proper alignment. The class may involve:

  • Breathing: Yoga encourages you to focus on breathing in and out deeply and slowly through your nose. Breathing techniques help pregnant women to manage breath shortness during pregnancy. They also help during labor with contractions. 
  • Postures: You’ll be required to stay in positions that develop your balance, flexibility, and strength. You may use props like belts, blankets, and cushions for added comfort and support. 
  • Gentle stretching: You’ll be asked to stretch your arms, back, and neck to relax your muscles.
  • Relaxation: After completing your class, relaxing your muscles helps to restore your breathing rhythm. The movement methods encourage you to focus on your sensations, breathing, emotions, and thoughts. Or you may have to repeat a word or mantra to encourage inner calmness and self-awareness. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prepares You for Labor and Childbirth

Prenatal yoga includes breathing techniques that help women to stay calm. The body produces adrenaline when you are afraid or in pain leading to less production of oxytocin which helps labor progress. 

Practicing yoga helps you to be well equipped to deal with stressful situations. You’ll be able to defy the need to tighten up when you are feeling pain during labor and childbirth.

Improves Blood Flow

The movements and stretches done in yoga boost blood flow to the heart. Your reproductive organs will receive more nutrients and oxygen due to improved blood flow. The baby will get enough oxygen-rich blood for healthy development.

Supports Your Body as It Changes

The body changes at an accelerated pace in pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps with adjusting to the changes. The exercises are tailored to support changes that occur each trimester. 

Yoga provides women with safe, healthy ways to strengthen their lower bodies and stretch their muscles. Yoga supports your growing belly as it helps you stay calm and feel great during the nine months of pregnancy.

Offers Relief from Pregnancy Complaints

Women experience discomforts like headaches, insomnia, shortness of breath, nausea, and lower back pain when pregnant. Prenatal yoga offers relief by toning and stretching muscles in a healthy way. 

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The exercises combine meditation practices and physical poses to ease pregnancy stress. All symptoms will not disappear altogether, but the approach will improve emotional and physical health. Your body may deal with the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy well.

Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Prenatal yoga combines structured breathing and intentional movement to help ease symptoms of depression. High amounts of cortisol can increase depression. Breathing in and out slowly blocks cortisol by activating the nervous system. 

Going for yoga helps to increase the connection between you and your growing baby. Setting aside time from your busy home and work schedule each week to bond with your baby can help reduce stress.

Manage Your Weight

Prenatal yoga combined with cardiovascular exercises like walking is popular. Yoga focuses on gentle exercises to help pregnant women maintain their shape. The exercises will improve your balance and tone your muscles during pregnancy. 

Yoga combines practices such as meditation, relaxation, postures, and breathing that work on the body and mind. Such practices enhance metabolism by increasing mindfulness which helps in lowering emotional eating.

Helps You Connect with Other Expectant Mothers

Yoga is not limited to your physical well-being and pregnancy. Doing yoga is also a way to interact with other pregnant women in the community. A supportive, positive environment with like-minded individuals keeps you motivated by providing the emotional boost needed to be consistent with exercising. 

The class will be a support group where women making similar lifestyle changes and choices share their journey. Sharing your experiences helps to lessen the anxiety of overcoming motherhood struggles while calming your body and reducing your back pain.

Choose the Best App for Your Yoga Class

Look for an app with a yoga class that can help improve your life and pregnancy. Prioritize one developed by a physical therapist to give you more vitality and energy. The best app will deliver a curated class to any device and access to live broadcasts and specialized classes.

By Manali