Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Get BMW Performance Parts

Do you have an old or used BMW car that needs performance improvements? Consider getting premium-quality performance parts. From software tuning to new suspensions, brakes, and exhaust systems, BMW performance parts can significantly improve your car’s functionality. If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance, you need a reputable auto shop dealing with BMW improvements. 

Top BMW Performance Parts

The best aftermarket companies can help you improve various aspects of your BMW’s performance. Software tuning will change the transmission configurations to provide more horsepower and customize the driving experience. You can replace the suspensions, braking system, exhaust, steering, and other parts. Here’s an overview of the top performance parts you can use to enhance your BMW:

1.    BMW ECU Tuning

Tuning is among the first things BMW owners looking for performance enhancements consider. You can find BMW auto shops with premium engine and transmission tuning software to change manufacturer configurations. Top-class software can make all the difference and result in significant horsepower and torque boost. Leading BMW auto shops allow you to send your car for new tuning chips, software, and key structural improvements.

2.    BMW Suspensions

Although BMW cars have world-class suspension and steering, they offer room for improvement. You can get better performance. If you tune your BMW, you’ll need to adjust the suspension and steering to accommodate the changes.

Suspension tuning is about strengthening the OEM and performance parts for smooth riding. The auto shop can provide various suspension parts, including shocks, dampers, coilovers, bushes, struts, and more.

3.    BMW Brake Upgrades

Improving the braking system is key to guaranteeing safety, especially following engine and suspension tuning. If you want a faster car, you should invest in the most efficient brakes to match the upgraded performance. You can find track-ready brake pads, lines, and new rotor sets. Leading auto shops will complete brake fluid changes and test your car to make sure the braking system works efficiently during top speeds and sharp turns.

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4.    BMW Exhaust Systems

Upgrading the exhaust system can keep your BMW performing in peak conditions, especially after changing manufacturer configurations. You should make sure the new exhaust system complements the changes you’ve made to the engine. New exhausts offer better sound mufflers, lightweight parts, and improved power.

Exhaust upgrades aim to provide a faster route for engine exhaust gases to escape, enhancing performance and power.

5.    Radiators & Oil Coolers

Increasing the horsepower, torque, and performance of a BMW will result in heat build-up in the engines. You can benefit from upgrading the radiators and oil coolers. Such upgrades will relieve the extra heat, maintaining optimal engine temperatures for top performance. When tuning an engine and performing upgrades that increase engine power, don’t forget the potential temperature changes. You’ll need proper cooling to keep the engine safe.

6.    Steering & Shifting 

Adjustments inside the cockpit are just as beneficial as the suspension and under-the-hood upgrades. Steering and shifting modifications are easy to achieve. You can replace the stock steering wheel with a better quality model. Another notable adjustment is to upgrade the shift lever and knob. You can use a chassis mount shifter to speed up gear selection. The steering and shifting should be customized to your driving preferences.

7.    Other BMW Performance Parts

BMW owners can make various other changes to improve their car’s performance. You can invest in better air intake kits for increased flow and horsepower with a distinctive sound. The rims and wheels/tires are game changers and can improve aesthetics and safety. Other performance improvement parts include engine and transmission mounts, performance controllers, sensor kits, fuel pumps, heat exchangers, and intercoolers.

Premium BMW Performance Parts

You’ll have no trouble getting BMW performance parts for used vehicles. New BMWs come with the best performance parts, so most aftermarket products are intended for used cards. When looking for performance parts for your used car, stick to reputable aftermarket auto shops that can guarantee premium quality.

Working with the best auto shops will help you achieve effective adjustments without compromising your car’s safety and longevity.Improving the performance of an old or used car calls for experience and moderation. Drastic tuning and changes can cause more damage than good. The goal is to improve performance and keep the car operating at peak levels for more years. Choose top-quality BMW performance parts from credible, licensed, insured auto shops. The best shops offer genuine quality parts and offer quality guarantees and warranties to back their services and parts.

By Manali