Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Enhancing your eyes with eyelash extensions can increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. The disadvantages include the fact that they might be costly in the long run, necessitate regular maintenance, and carry a certain amount of risk.

In the hands of an expert lash artist, eyelash extensions are a safe and effective approach to enhancing the appearance of natural lashes. But how about getting eyelash extensions while on period?

Before we go any further, it’s crucial to remember that we’re not doctors and shouldn’t give medical advice to our clients. Qualified professionals, such as general practitioners or physicians, should always be sought for medical advice. Refer your client to their general practitioner if you are ever unsure about a medicine or health problem.

First and foremost, conduct a comprehensive talk with your lash artist so that they can be aware of any medical conditions that may prevent them from using products that could trigger your situation or undergoing eyelash extensions procedure.

Who is not suitable for eyelash extensions? These are the list of people that are not suitable for lash extensions: 

  1. If your lash count is exceedingly low to a point where you have almost no natural lashes.
  2. If your natural lashes have been destroyed, regardless of the cause
  3. If you constantly rub your eyes
  4. Any form of eye infection condition
  5. If you have received eye laser surgery in the prior two years.

If you fall into any of these groups, we strongly urge you to spend some time caring for your eyes first. Wait till the situation improves, then come and get eyelash extensions to make your eyes sparkle.

Eyelash extensions are safe for anyone of any age group whose lashes are in good condition. Women who are menstruating, nursing, or suffering from thyroid issues may notice an increase in the amount of oil in their hair, which is basically one of the potential factors that eyelash adhesive can be damaged. It is important to be aware of this because this is changeable at any time. 

Like women who are on their periods,  hormonal imbalance may be experienced during menstruation, they produce much more oil than usual. Hormonal imbalances are a major component in eyelash extension retention. Eyelash adhesive can be damaged by oil, and it is necessary to eliminate any grease from the natural eyelashes before placing eyelash extensions.   

By asking open questions during your consultation concerning these types of issues, lash clients should be aware of this and they need to talk to their lash artist about it.

Now, you may be asking why not everyone is a good candidate for lash extensions when in fact it is safe for any age group. Well, as said, if your lashes are in good condition, then you can do eyelash extensions without any hindrance. But there will always be a consideration for people whose lashes are not in good condition. 

  1. Lack of Natural Lash Hairs. When you acquire lash extensions, you must have natural eyelashes. That’s basic. Because extensions are connected to your natural eyelashes. Surely, lacking natural lash hairs will not give you the exact thing you expect if you’re getting eyelash extensions. 
  2. Alopecia. It is where someone experiences a condition affecting the inability to grow hair. Getting a lash extension might sometimes affect your natural lashes in a way that they may fall together with your eyelash extension when taking off.
  3. Undergoing chemotherapy. After chemotherapy hair loss, lash extensions will be feasible again as long as lash hairs grow back strong enough to support the extensions. 
  4. Poor Natural Lashes Health. As said, in order for you to be a good candidate for eyelash extensions, you need to have healthy lashes. This means, that when a lash artist connects eyelash extension, natural lashes won’t rip or fall. Short, thin, and delicate natural lashes can’t handle eyelash extensions because of their fragility. 
  5. Allergies with the Adhesive. The reason why you should know the products you are using is that you might not know if you have allergic reactions to them. Many lash artists offer patch tests to their clients, which is a trial version for lash extension. It is to see if they have an allergic reaction to the adhesives or even other supplies lash salons use. Most lash salons have a selection of adhesives to suit visitors with allergies. 

Aside from not being a good candidate to take on eyelash extensions, according to experts, there are things you should avoid before, during, and after having lash extensions. 

  1. No caffeine or coffee before your appointment – Yes, that is right. Most people drop by a coffee shop to grab some drink-like coffee before heading to any appointments. But according to experts, caffeine can make people’s eyes flutter, which makes it difficult for lash artists to perform the lash extension. It was also said that, no caffeine or coffee three hours before your lash appointment. 
  2. No wearing of makeup during the eyelash extension session- As possible it could, the lash artist requires that your eye area is clean and completely free from makeup before the lash extension session. Instead of taking time cleaning your eye with that makeup, the lash artist wanted to spend more time on your lash extensions. 
  3. No phone during the session – You may question why? But there is an obvious reason why you cannot use your phone while you are doing your lash extension session, the reason is, that your eyes are closed and glued. The phone might also become a distraction to the artist at the same time, it will take away time from the lash artist and no lash artist should take any of your texts or calls. 

To avoid any complications and any allergic reaction to eyelash extensions, you need to assess yourself first if you are qualified to have eyelash extensions. Whether you are on your period or belong to the list of not being a good candidate, you need to be honest with your lash artist.

Eyelash extensions appointments are probably set days before you will be doing the session as well. As lash clients, we should take into consideration the things we need to prepare before or during the session. This information is all set all we need to do is to assess ourselves. 

Most lash artists consider the safety of their lash clients, they might give you the best option when or how you can get your eyelash extension if you are not yet ready. They always give the best possible care before, during, and after eyelash extensions. 

By Manali