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A global move will help to get rid of the old life, forget about old mistakes and start life with a clean slate. But moving, like a revolution, like any change – has exceptionally uncomfortable associations.

Whenever you move your belongings, there are more or less favorable conditions for it. After all, the quality and a pleasant experience of moving affect not only the quality of the company carrier. There are also a number of climatic, weather, and seasonal conditions. Therefore, we will try to give you some recommendations, which should necessarily make you as a customer to your move was the most enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Are you ready to learn about the nuances that every customer should know? Our article will mainly touch on the main problems for the customer related to seasonality, the problem of moving during and after precipitation, we will try to warn the customer about the urgent orders in a Cambridge moving company. Let’s get started!

Choose the right season

We are unlikely to find a person who likes all seasons equally. Some people prefer winter and some prefer summer. Everyone chooses his or her own way. When it comes to moving seasons, the situation is not very different.

It makes sense that the work of a mover at different times of the year has different nuances. And the most important thing here is seasonality. After all, seasonality is the peak of orders, a rush, when a large number of customers need a lot of manpower. So there are two main dangers of seasonality:

  • The first is that the risk of poor service is too great because good workers are always busy.
  • Second – your favorite company is not able to help you with your order because they simply do not have enough workers.

Therefore, we advise you to seasonally order movers, removals, and vehicles not a day, and even a week in advance. It will make you sure that you will not suffer from the lack of good movers, low-quality services, or the inability to fulfill your order at a convenient time for you.

What is seasonality in relocation?

Now let’s talk more about what we mean by seasonality. The May-June-July and November-December moving seasons are considered seasonal. During these months, it is best for you to book movers a week in advance. Thus, you will ensure a comfortable moving, even in the rush peak labor shortage.

What day of the week to choose

About the seasonality is now more or less clear. But is there a difference if you order on Monday or Saturday, in the morning or in the afternoon? Of course, there is! After all, there is a peak time for orders, and there are always relevant issues such as traffic jams, etc., so the best time to order is not to get into traffic (when moving), not to get in a rush, when all the movers are busy should be found out in advance.

There are two rush hours during the day – in the morning when people are rushing to work, and in the evening, when they go home. Morning traffic congestion usually lasts from 8 to 11 a.m., and evening traffic congestion usually lasts from 5 to 8 p.m. Weekly street congestion is also cyclical – the basic traffic patterns remain the same from week to week.

The worst days for car traffic are Tuesday and Wednesday, the height of the work week. These days are marked by the highest peaks (in winter on Tuesdays evening traffic congestion reaches a critical level when the driver of the car is better to go by subway) and a significant amount of traffic even in the middle of the day (on Wednesday afternoon index of congestion is also high). The least congested weekday was Monday.

Both winter and summer traffic jams on weekends are comparatively low, and they are formed closer to the evening time. On weekends, traffic jams are caused by the fact that people go shopping. 

The conclusion from all traffic jams is that we recommend booking a car on weekdays from 11-00 to 17-00 to avoid getting in a traffic jam. This is a good time to move. And if you need to unload the car, it is best when the movers unload during peak traffic hours. The optimal time to serve the car is 12-00. It is best to book the movers and the car on weekends, in the morning (from 9-00 to 11-00) when there are exceptionally few traffic jams. So you save money and greatly reduce your risks.

By the way, strangely enough, the peak number of orders is at peak traffic congestion.

What if it rains?

In addition to seasonality, there is another thing to consider when moving – the weather. First and foremost, it has to do with precipitation. After all, during or after precipitation, the risk that the furniture will be damaged will be spoiled, greatly increases. Therefore, when you assume the presence of precipitation, we advise you to order a full packing of furniture in stretch film.

Stretch film will protect your furniture from swelling and dirt. By the way, winter precipitation, as practice shows, is much less dangerous than summer precipitation. In the winter, it is harder to get your furniture dirty. But in winter we do not advise you to transport flowers, because even one hour for flowers in the cold can destroy them. And only expensive, special packaging will help you save them.

And what if the movers are needed urgently?

Now let’s talk a little bit about urgent orders. There are customers who like to put off ordering movers to the last minute. But most serious companies work exclusively on cashless and prepayment. And when a customer calls and orders a few hours before work, it will be extremely difficult for him to find a good company that will prepare documentation, too.

We do not advise you to procrastinate to the last minute with the order. It is optimal to order the movers two days in advance, and if you do not know exactly whether you will need the services of loaders, it is better to warn the company that you can order for a day, so they can prepare all the necessary documents and respond quickly to your order.

So, we realized that the customer can greatly simplify his life if he will take into account when ordering things like seasonality, peak order time, traffic jams on the roads, weather conditions, and the nuances of urgent orders. We really hope that this article will be useful to you.

By Manali