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Studying from NCERT Chemistry books is a way to revise old concepts that you might have learned in your earlier classes and also a way to get introduced to new concepts that you might have not learned yet. We have compiled a list of benefits of studying from 11th class ncert solution.

  •  Helps review old textbook lessons
  • Provides good practice for upcoming exams (if used in parallel with other resources)
  • Introduces learners to new concepts/symbols that they are not aware of
  • Provides good revision for learners who are applying for competitive exams like JEE or CAT, etc.
  •  Provides a good platform for learners to improve their study habits.
  • Enhances their ability to solve questions in the shortest possible time.
  • Provides a good tool for self-teaching and self-learning.
  •  Aids in gaining a better understanding of concepts because class11 book of ncert are written in lucid language and are easy to understand.
  • Gives a detailed explanation of every concept as compared to most private books or writers
  • Provides precise derivations, thus making concepts clear and thought-provoking.
  • 10) Aids learners to think on their own and develop logical reasoning skills with proper explanations.

Every Chemistry student who has used NCERT books in the past says that they have benefited immensely from these books and it is a must-have for every serious Chemistry student.

The only thing to keep in mind while using this book is that you should not memorize the concepts but try to understand them with its help. Only then will you be able to make an effective use of these books. Thus, NCERT books can be used by learners as a tool for effective self-learning and preparing for competitive exams like JEE, CAT, etc.

NCERT Chemistry books are more than just study guides, they are rich in content with concepts explained in a lucid and engaging manner. From InfinityLearn, you will receive a condensed Ncert study guide

Ncert Benefits in terms of study structure

1. A knowledge base that will help you prepare for exams

2. Systematic approach to learning with clear objectives

3. An intuitive understanding of chemistry concepts

4. Various practice exercises that test your mastery of the topics covered at individual levels

5. Online assistance through interactive video lessons, tutorials, and self-correction modules along with relevant conceptual questions in all units (available on Ncert’s website)

6. Explanation and step-by-step solutions to all the previous year’s questions

7. The ability to practice problems from all previous year’s exams

8. A complete list of solved questions along with their solutions

9. Preview previous year’s exam papers for free

10. Various Supplementary Exercises and Online Videos to enhance your understanding of the topics covered in the books

Reasons why the NCERT Textbook is reliable?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) conducts cycle-wise surveys to promote more research, study, and evaluation in the field of education. The NCERT Chemistry books are reliable sources that, not just help students pursue their studies but also provide qualitative solutions to their problems.

Additional knowledge

The first benefit of studying from NCERT Chemistry books is that they provide students with additional knowledge, which can be applied in solving all their problems in their daily lives at school or college as well as at home. This is useful to students and their learning process. This benefit of studying from

NCERT Chemistry books is the reason why most students seek them out and buy them

Clears the fundamentals

The second benefit of studying from NCERT Chemistry books is that it helps a student in understanding the basic concepts and theories that are studied at the school or college level. For example, a student can understand topics like atomic structure, bonding, chemical reactions, etc. This can prove to be helpful for students who aspire to go on to pursue a postgraduate course or some other higher-level degrees. Studying from the NCERT Chemistry book  help students to solve all kinds of problems related to chemistry that they may encounter.

Learn about reactions

NCERT Chemistry books help students understand the different kinds of reactions that take place in a chemical process. Students can learn about how certain substances form compounds with each other and thereby change their chemical compositions. This will enable them to perform the same chemistry in their schools and colleges.


NCERT Chemistr  helps students to understand the various theories and laws related to chemistry (i.e., molecular structure, periodic properties, etc.). They can then find out as well to apply these theories and laws in solving problems related to a particular subject area.

By Manali