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carbon fiber tube

What is carbon fiber??

Carbon fibers are almost 5 to 10 inches in diameter. These fiber are made of carbon atoms. They have high stiffness, less weight to strength ratio, high tensile strength. Carbon fiber is also known as Graphite fiber.  Carbon fiber was firstly invented in 1958. There are many carbon fiber tubes. Carbon fiber tubes are used in air crafts, racing cars and in other supporting equipments. The carbon fibers are also combined with some other material to be used in clothing and gear.   

Carbon fiber tubes:

These tubes are used in industries for the preparation of many things.  The carbon fiber tubes are available in different styles and in different sizes. There are many types of graphite fiber tubes, some of them are listed below:

  • Round carbon fiber tubing tarp poles:

These tubes are round in shape and these tubes can be delivered as a sample only for 5 days. It is supplied in the form of steel shelf and carton box. It deliver its products only within the area of 5000 meters.  This tube has 65% carbon fiber. These tubes are used for back packing outdoor.

  • 3K weave roll wrapping carbon fiber tube:

This tube is used for RC planes. It is packed in steel shelf and in the carton boxes. These tubes are in round shape.

  • Pultruded carbon fiber square tubing:

The color of this tube is black and it is in square shape. Its supply ability is 3000 meter per month.

  • Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes:

The detailed information of these tubes are described below, that can help you in knowing the characteristics of these round shaped tubes.

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes:

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes is prepared by rolling carbon fiber around a mandrel. These tubes are made of 100% carbon fiber, that’s mean no other material is used for preparing these fiber tubes. These tubes have high stiffness and high tensile strength.

Thickness: The thickness of roll wrapped graphite fiber tube is 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm and its length is almost 1000mm. Mostly the color of these tubes is black because they are made of graphite fiber that was black in color. These tubes are produced by Jinjiuyi service. This service can also prepare the tubes according to your requirements. These tubes have beautiful and shiny appearance.

Inner and outer diameter:

The inner and outer diameter of this tube is 4*6, 6*8, 8*10*10, 10*12, 12*14, … ,40*42mm.


Some features of these roll wrapped tubes are described below:

  • These tubes are light in weight.
  • They have high tensile strength and high temperature resistance.
  • These tubes has strength of 1000 Mega Pascal. They have low coefficient of thermal expansion and these tubes are 3.8 times stiffer than the aluminum.

Carbon fiber manufacturing companies:

There are different types of carbon fiber but its two main types are filament carbon fiber and staple carbon fiber. It has different structures and due to difference in structure it has different characteristics. Some carbon fibers have high tensile strength but some has less tensile strength. And Some are of high quality and some are of low quality. Some of the carbon fiber manufacturing companies are discussed below:

  1. Hexcel
  2. Mitsubishi Rayon Co. LTD
  3. Nippon graphite fiber corporation
  4. Cytec engineered materials ( Solvay )
  5. Toho tenax
  6. Toray 
  7. Zoltek

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