Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The way the world works has shifted, not only are remote or more commonly hybrid business models more common, but people are increasingly looking to make their own way forward. There are so many ways to work for yourself today. Not only does transitioning from an old-school working environment help with your work-life balance and sense of fulfilment, but it can also be your ticket to earning more and becoming a business owner in your own right. 

Though there are many ways to work for yourself, one of the best hybrid approaches is to take your skillset freelance. A freelancer, or locum, is someone who fills in temporarily. Locums, in particular, are common in the medical industry, though you can fill in or be hired on a job-by-job basis in almost any industry. 

It’s Easy to Find New Work 

Becoming a locum professional is easier than ever. In the past, you would need an extensive network that knows who you are, your rate, and who is also happy to contact you directly. Otherwise, you would have to get work through an agency. For those with highly specialised skillsets, like those in the medical industry, this simply wasn’t good enough. The good news, however, is that new platforms have made it easier than ever to manage your schedule, find work, and even set your rate. Workflare, for example, is a great option for those in the medical industry looking to work on their own schedule, but without having to be at the behest of an agency. 

It’s Easy to Negotiate Your Salary 

Usually, you have only a few opportunities to negotiate your salary. For most, the best way to jump in salary increases is by changing jobs, which is no simple feat. For locums, however, negotiating can be as simple as a few clicks of a button. You can adjust your wage slowly and in small increments so that you continuously match your hourly rate to the new recommended wage and alongside inflation. With living costs rising so quickly and expected to increase even more in the coming months, the ability to negotiate every new job to reflect these price increases is going to be critical for many professionals. 

It’s Easy to Book Time Off 

Do you need a day off to just relax and recuperate? Take it. Need a week or more for vacation? It’s easy to just not take on work. When you work as a locum, you work for yourself, which means that you are in charge of your schedule. So long as you are not cancelling work, you are in no way disappointing anyone. Not taking on work is so much easier, so you can balance your emotional and physical needs with your career. There is a downside to this, of course. When you take time off, you don’t get holiday pay. Considering the higher wages you can earn, however, the trade-off is usually well worth it. 

You Choose Who You Work With 

The final benefit is that you are in complete control of who you work with. If you accept one job and hate the office environment, you never have to go back. If you love the people who work at one location, you can set them as a priority, so you can get alerts for shift openings. 

By Manali