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Are you searching for your new bike? If yes, then this article will be your guide. It consists of the details of the top three bikes that are categorised as Top Selling Bikes in India. If you especially love Bajaj Auto bikes, then also you can take help from this list. It will be helpful for you to choose the best bike for you. Not just top-selling bikes, these are also denoted as one of the popular bikes in India that gives overall good performance within budget. As a result of it, you should be able to get the best experience with your bikes in any situation.

1) Bajaj CT 110

Bajaj CT 110 is denoted as one of the best Top Selling Bikes in India that are coming from the house of Bajaj Auto. This is a bike that comes with a 110 CC engine. Besides that, it also gives a good mileage to the users that remains almost 100km per litre. Other than that, this product comes with a 10.5L tank that is also very effective or useful for riders by heart. The classic look of the bike helps people so that they will be able to stay stylish on every occasion.

2) KTM Duke 200

This is denoted as one of the best models that also comes with a 200cc engine. As a result, it gives good mileage as well as extraordinary benefits so that people will be able to get the best speed on the road. This is a bike that is also combined with outstanding modern features and much more. Also, the pricing of the model remains more or less 235,170 rupees. That is worth money with each and every feature that a biker is getting. Besides that, it is also denoted as one of the most popular bikes that are mostly loved by the bikers from the house of Bajaj Auto.

3) Bajaj Pulsar 150

This is also a traditional model that is from Bajaj Auto. Most of the people who are searching for a bike to be used on a regular basis will also come with good mileage. This is a model that is the highest selling 150 CC bikes. So, when anyone is searching for the best bike that comes with good mileage, then also they can take help from this bike. All of the features come with 139,965 rupees that are also denoted as an affordable option for many. So whenever you are searching for pocket-friendly bike options, then also you can take help from us.


Whenever you are searching for one of the best bikes for you, and you want bikes specifically from Bajaj Auto, you can also take help from this article. With the use of these bikes, bikers will be able to get one of the best whale riding experiences. Also, it needs low maintenance costs; as a result, any of the users will be able to use the product for a long time.

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