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Toilets and proper hygiene are necessities for individuals in emerging nations. The importance of cleanliness and toilets lies in reducing the spread of disease. The purpose of the sanitation system is to protect health by providing and promoting a clean environment.

Every toilet, from elegant to conventional, has a chair or standard height. The user has to choose the size of the toilet according to the user’s physical condition, age, and preference.

An accurate toilet height can always give you the best comfort in the toilet, and a wrong height toilet can give you the worst experience. Here we are talking about comparing a chair height and a standard height toilet.

Chair toilets:

The chair-height toilets are designed for comfort. It is popular among tall users almost in every home, and it is the new generation toilet. Those who consider comfort in the bathroom usually think of the chair height toilet.

These toilets are American Standard toilets, and their installation is essential. Chair height toilets are between 17 to 19 inches from the toilet floor to the seat, and mainly they are round about 3 inches larger than the standard toilets. Comfort height toilets specifically reduce straining when you use them.


The chair-height toilet is designed for the comfort of elderly and disabled persons. It is easy for knees and back pain, and it is not intended for tight space.


The chair-height toilet is more common than standard toilets, given that it serves the more significant population. However, both options allow for easy standing and sitting, regardless of whether you are tall, elderly, or physically disabled.

However, this does not mean that a standard toilet is not a popular option. It is best suited for children as it does not have a high toilet seat which will require a step chair or ladder to use, as is the case with a long toilet.


There are many advantages of comfort height toilets which make them unique.

  • Easy for people who can’t move regularly. This type of toilet is ideal for people who cannot move around freely, for example, people with physical disabilities.
  • It allows you to sit and stand easily. The height of the toilet gives the user flexibility.
  • Great toilet design for tall people. Homes with extended families prefer this toilet design.
  • Older people prefer this type of toilet for their comfort.


  • Uncomfortable for youngsters and people with low stature.
  • For some people, the feet cannot reach the ground, which can cause pain in the thighs and reduced circulation.
  • A long toilet can make bowel movements a little more complicated.

Standard height toilets:

Standard height toilets are typical in most houses, particularly elderly bathrooms. On average, a standard height toilet will have a 15 “toilet seat height, and this height is suitable for an average-sized person and is also ideal for small adults and children.

Many young adults complain that the toilet seat gets cut in their thighs when sitting on the chair height toilet, and their legs do not support their feet on the ground, which causes discomfort in the toilet.

Children will also have this problem, and it will be difficult to balance while hanging on the edge of the foot on the long toilet.

For children and young people, a standard height toilet is a more suitable choice.


The standard height toilet is designed for children, adolescents, and physically fit adults. Easy for small children, petite boys and the ideal, and the average person. These toilets are relatively lighter in weight, and it is perfect ideal in a cramped space.


These toilets are ideal for children or young people, and they may not be comfortable for tall people.


  • Suitable for everyone, including the little ones.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • Ideal for children.


  • Not ideal for the disabled, and it makes it more difficult for the elderly to use the toilet.
  • Too short for tall people.

Detail comparison:

Although the height difference between the chair height and the standard toilet is only 2 to 3 inches, there is a big difference in the advantages and disadvantages. These two units are compared in depth.


The installation process is almost identical for both chair height and standard height toilets. However, some models come with a manual guide and installation kit. And some models do not come with a manual guide.

Easy to use:

You must first check the design to find the best toilet. This may sound strange, but it is. Sit on the toilet and keep your feet on the floor. In particular, those who have difficulty standing will find it easier to use a comfortable high-rise toilet. Their height is best for tall people. Short people can also use them, but they will experience the ultimate comfort that these designs offer. Older people prefer comfortable high-rise toilets.

On the other hand, standard height toilets are preferred by children and young people. Remember, hanging legs too long without touching the ground can cause muscle tension.


Both the chair height and the standard height of the toilet come in unique styles and colors. In both models, you will find an elegant shape, one-piece, and two-piece style. The one-piece type is a bit more expensive but easier to clean. But the kind of the two pieces is less costly and a little harder to clean.


Chair/Comfort height toilet:

Some of these toilets cost less than $100, even though they are of low quality. A reasonable toilet costs between $150 – $300. If you are looking for a chair-height toilet, then the best brands you should consider are Kohler, Toto, and American Standard.

Standard height toilet:

These toilets are more expensive than comfort height toilets. Most standard toilets range from $220 to $370. The best toilet brands are American Standard, Kohler, and Toto, and toilets from these brands cost between $279 and $376.

Are chair height toilets better?

Yes, a chair-height toilet is better for immovable disabled and tall people. However, it is not suitable for short people and children. A small person who has been using a comfortable height toilet for many years can stop natural bodily function, and this is ADA toilet information.

How to make standard height toilets taller?

If you have a standard toilet and aren’t sure whether to switch to a comfortable toilet, you can also try a toilet riser. Many brands make this affordable product that will add several inches to the height of the toilet bowl. Toilet seat risers will increase the height of your toilet bowl as a comfort height, without the need to buy and install a brand new toilet.


Both comfortable and standard height toilets have benefits and drawbacks. No toilet is better than another, although some individuals prefer one over another. The issue comes when a home contains a mix of persons who can benefit from sharing. If so, there should be a variety of bathrooms with both conventional and comfy toilets.

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