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The decorations are an essential part of December. In this post, we offer you several solutions to make easy and stunning DIY Christmas centerpieces. The compositions can be of various kinds, starting with recycled ones and ending with exquisite and minimal ones. Candles can find in every home, and for this reason, they are used for most of the DIY Christmas decorations.Furthermore, nature can offer us so much, and in this period, the pine cones are found at will. With candles and pine cones, we can create truly original homemade compositions.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Candles

DIY Christmas centerpiece

The centerpiece has the task of decorating the table, making it beautiful, and making us smile. For those who want to make it with their own hands, we recommend following the following tutorials. Are you looking for ideas for Christmas table decorations? Put food, friends, and family at the center of the holidays with these awesome Christmas table decoration ideas, the DIY Christmas centerpiece to suit every style.Much of the holidays are centered on food and drink; it is no wonder that Christmas dinner is essential for most of us and necessary. So be sure to take this opportunity to show off your styling skills and create a magical table to impress your guests.

Christmas centerpiece with candles

As we have already said, candles are now part of the interior design of every home. They are often placed on some shelf or the coffee table. In this case, we put them well in view on the dining table. We decorate with a few sprigs of rosemary, and that’s it. Here’s what you’ll need

Material: · Large candles· String· Sprigs of rosemary· Rubber bands

Instructions:All you need to do first is put a rubber band on your candle. Place the rosemary under the elastic by going around the candle and tie it with the string being careful not to tie it into the elastic. Then remove the elastic carefully! You have some fancy candles and easy landscape drawing.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Pine Cones

Easy to make Christmas centerpieces

The winter period is also beautiful because we can find many good citrus fruits, such as mandarins. But why not bring them to the table in a truly original way. Have you ever thought about “gluing” them on a polystyrene cone? Here, all this is possible.

Material: · Polystyrene cones· Aluminum sheet· Kale leaves (or kale)· Toothpick· U-shaped floral brooches


1. First of all, the polystyrene cone must be coated with aluminum. This way, you will be able to protect it and use it for other DIY jobs.

2. With the floral brooches, also fix the Kale leaves. Cut the kale into wedges and use U-shaped floral pins to secure the leaves on the Styrofoam cones.

3. Attach the tangerines to the cabbage-wrapped towers using toothpicks. To do this step well, you need to use two mandarin toothpicks, insert them first into the building, and then pierce the mandarins into place.

4. Place your tangerine towers on decorative cake stands and use the tangerine leaves to decorate the buildings further, pinning the greenery in place with multiple flower pins.

DIY Christmas centerpiece with pine cones

As we have already said previously, pine cones can decorate the house in autumn and for the Christmas holidays. In addition, they are ideal for making many beautiful compositions. Easy, fast, and at no cost. For the realization of this project, you can opt for both artificial and natural materials. Of course, nothing prevents you from using the twigs of the old Christmas tree or cutting some from the new one.

Material:· Oranges· Cloves· Pine cones· Green sprigs· Platter· Red berries


1. With the orange peel, cut the peel of the oranges. It is an enjoyable part because you can play with many different designs. The important thing is not to go too far. Peel so that you get to the white part of the orange.

2. After peeling all the oranges, make small holes with the help of a toothpick. In the excavations made, insert the cloves. It is not necessary to use a toothpick, but it is easier to proceed with this step.

3. Then, insert the whole wedges into each of the holes created with the toothpick. You can fill the entire peeled area with cloves or randomly insert them into your pattern. There are no rules.

4. Once the oranges are ready, we will start arranging the centerpiece. Using your plate as a guide, start cutting your greenery into sections to fit the size of your serving tray. True, with natural green branches, you will add a pine scent to the dining room, but you can get that smell just as quickly with the fun scented pine sticks you can find at your local stores in the Christmas decoration section.

5. Start arranging your greenery on the plate to fill in space. You want to create a complete cluster that fills the plate nicely. If you are using fake branches, you can bend the pieces to fit the dish you are using until you get the complete look you want. If you are using natural components, cut them to the desired shape. It might be a little trickier if you use natural branches, as you will be working with the natural curve and shape of the greenery.

6. Once the greenery is in place, start inserting pinecones and oranges into the arrangement. You can play with the look and feel of the placement as you go and walk away from it, and watch it from all angles as you go to avoid missing gaps that you may not see when you stand on it and work it.

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