Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Cannabis Grow Tour in Denver

There has been a lot of interest around cannabis, especially now that it’s legal in Colorado for medical and recreational use. Luckily, marijuana dispensaries don’t only sell cannabis products, but they also offer cannabis tours that allow customers to get a firsthand experience of how marijuana is cultivated and turned into cannabis products. 

If you’re in Denver, Colorado and you want to take on this experience, here are three of the best cannabis grow tours that you can find in this area:

Denver marijuana tour by Seed and Smith

You can’t talk about cannabis in Denver without mentioning Seed and Smith. Rated by Forbes as the best Denver cannabis tour, you get to enjoy a 40-minute guided grow tour in the company’s cannabis cultivation facility in Denver. 

Offered by the company for free, this tour gives you a backstage pass into how cannabis is grown, harvested, processed and packaged.

Seed and Smith has one of the best cannabis facilities in the country, so getting a peek into the grow rooms and watching its team work on these cannabis products is definitely a treat. And the best part is, you get to enjoy this guided grow tour for free.

The original Colorado cannabis tour by Colorado Cannabis Tours

If you’re looking for the complete cannabis experience, you can’t miss trying the longest running marijuana tour in Denver, Colorado aptly named the original Colorado cannabis tour. 

This 4-hour, 20-minute tour will take you around the famous Medicine Man Denver on a luxurious party bus. This 40,000-square foot facility is not like any other with its huge production area. 

You also get to visit two dispensaries and experience a live glass blowing demonstration, a one-of-a-kind offering in Denver.

The original Colorado cannabis tour is considered the ultimate cannabis experience and you can even choose options if you’re staying in town for a few days including 420-friendly accommodations.

The industry insider tour by City Sessions Denver

If you’re interested in starting a business in the cannabis industry, this private tour is perfect for you. Offred by City Sessions Denver, this industry insider tour will give you access to Colorado’s booming cannabis industry where you’ll get to learn about its history, its growth and how it continues to thrive today. 

The tour also includes a visit to extraction laboratories, cultivation facilities and dispensaries where you’ll know everything you need to create a smart business model inspired by those created by other successful entrepreneurs in Colorado. 

Of course, you’ll also get a glimpse of the laws covering marijuana use in Colorado and how you can stay compliant to these regulations if you choose to start a business in the cannabis industry.

Going on one of these tours will surely be an amazing experience, whether you’re an avid marijuana user or an entrepreneur looking to dabble in the cannabis business. 

So, whenever you’re in Denver Colorado, don’t miss the opportunity to book one of these tours.

By Manali