Sun. May 19th, 2024
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Now you need not step outside the comfort of your home or hotel room to get a tan. Call in the mobile tanning experts! Get a touch of gold in a quicker and more convenient manner than a traditional tanning bed. 

The thrill of getting mobile airbrush tan

Mobile airbrushing is increasingly becoming popular. Be wherever you are and get a tan. Tanning artists are apt in giving full-body, even, and customized tan in a matter of 10 minutes. They even have color options to match your natural skin tone. 

East Boca Raton salon gives you the option of booking a mobile spray session online. You can expect to be tanned with a high-quality tanning solution using state-of-the-art HVLP spray machines. The airbrush technicians who will tan you are certified and experienced, with their hands gliding the spray tan seamlessly all over your body for a perfect tan. 

The combo of the most advanced machine and the most skilled technicians results in a flawless tan each time you call them. 

Tips to get the perfect spray tan

If you wish to get the perfect tan, always follow the technician’s instructions. He or she will ask you to apply lotion to certain parts of the body before spraying the solution. Then, he/she will ask you to stand in a certain manner. 

Be alert to your technician’s instructions. Turn only when they ask you to. Be still during the spray session. If you move suddenly, you might create an imperfection in tanning. 

Do not hesitate to ask for clarifications, in case you did not understand something. Clear all your doubts regarding the tan before the session starts. 

Do not engage in too much chatter while the technician sprays the solution on you, lest you may divert their attention. 

A typical airbrush session from a reputable tanning salon lasts 5 to 10 minutes. 

This is how it is done

The technician will ask you to apply petroleum jelly or certain lotion in areas where tan should not accumulate. These areas include between elbows and toes and nail beds. 

Spraying starts from the front of your body. The technician uses the spray machine from the top of the body to down. 

The spray solution is often cold. So, prepare for the cold to hit your body. 

Listen intently to the technician’s commands of lifting your arms or turning for a smooth session. 

When you search for “sunless tanning near me” to call a technician at home, you need not worry about anything. From the beginning to the end of the session, the technician will take care of everything, from setting up the mobile tanning tent to customizing your tan and spraying it, and so on. 

They will leave you with a beautiful golden glow and, of course, a huge smile on your face! 

So, if you wish not to travel all the way to a salon for a tan, worry not. Simply call in the tan experts. Get sun-kissed skin without getting under the sun. 

By Manali