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Ajrakh designs are very special among womens in India because of block printed designs and colourful bright colours of blouses. Material of these blouses are very soft and comfortable . Women feel relaxed and comfortable in cotton blouses and especially in summers.

These designs of ajrak are famous in sindh , pakistan and ajrakhpur. Ajrakh design is the symbol of Sindhi culture and tradition . Block printing by stamps is very popular in Ajrak blouses . Wearing these types of beautiful block printing designs will give you a stunning look .

Fancy Ajrak print blouse design with floral work.

Floral printed blouse designs are the best and can Pair with any outfit. Block printing design is for bold girls who want to look bold in every outfit . All the works are very unique and will blow your mind with attractive and beautiful patterns. Outfit is the main key of your overall personality ,dress well and everything will be well .

Enhance your beauty with amazing quality clothes and save your money.  These designs would be the best for a wedding ceremony and the wedding is the day  everyone wants to look special and attractive. Be comfortable and kill everyone with your fabulous look.

     Maroon floral printed blouse design

Floral printed blouse design with triangle cut on the back is looking fancy and can attract everyone towards you. Half sleeves blouses look fab on silk saree which gives an indo western look. If you Wear this will look pretty in all the places you’ll go , people will turn and look at you only.

  Red off sleeves fancy blouse design

Very beautiful petal work printed design all over the blouse is giving very fresh vibes and calm effect. Very comfortable in summers because of off sleeves and cotton material. These types of designs are perfect for any cocktail party and wedding guest.

Multiple colour floral printed blouse design

Floral printed unique designs of ajrak are very attractive. Black material in the middle of the  blouse gives a bold look. Pairing heavy jewellery will look fancy and beautiful.

Red is the colour of bold and gives you a bold look in every function you will wear.

    Blue floral printed blouse design

Round neck floral printed blouse design is for weddings. Floral printed blouse designs are everyone’s favourite and when it is in red it will rock.Girls who are getting married should buy these blouses and decorate themselves. Half sleeves with a lining of red will attract everyone.

Black floral printed blouse design

Very beautiful floral printed blouse design for womens . put any light lace if you need and enhance the blouse design.Wedding material will suit every girl in every function, black is the colour of bold and it is an attractive colour .  Criss cross design of the right side of the blouse is a very unique design not everyone would know about this unique design.

Pairing it with any black or silver plated jewellery will look fabulous.

Plaid and floral printed blouse design

There are three types of printed design floral,plaid and mountain is three into one design. Half sleeves blouse designs are the best and can go with any of your outfits.

Water drop design on the front of the blouse is attractive and fancy. Pair this with any type of jewellery and you are good to rock everywhere.


Very unique designs all over the blouse are very attractive and popular . Every woman wants to look special and beautiful and this is the main key to that.

Every special occasion wants a special look and Ajrak blouses would be the best option , budget friendly, comfortable and attractive. Can Pair with silk and cotton saree with a pinch of makeup and you will rock your outfit . Dressing well can give you confidence and you will feel very comfortable in any outfit.

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