Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The time has come for you to sell your home. We know that making that decision was not easy, but hey, you did it for a good reason. However, don’t just sell your home as-is. Doing that will result in having your home on the market for way too long. And, more importantly, it will result in a decreased home value. Thus, make an effort to bring your home to perfection before putting it on the market! We know what you are thinking – to add value to your home you need to do a lot of time, energy, and money-consuming things, things such as renovating, redecorating, etc. No, that is not true! Sometimes, you just need to declutter your home. And, that will be our topic of the day. Thus, if you want to know how decluttering can add to home value, keep on reading.

Cleaning Your Home

Did you know that clean homes attract the best possible buyers – buyers who are not afraid to offer more bucks? And, did you know that clean homes generally sell for a higher price? If you didn’t, well, now you know! 

On the contrary, messy, dirty, and smelly homes push away buyers! Even if your home has the most beatifying furniture and even if you did all those home staging tips, if it is unclean, buyers will second-guess it. Don’t allow this to happen! Clean your home thoroughly before those potential buyers start coming. 

However, you are probably wondering what cleaning and decluttering have to do with one another, right? Well, let us tell you that you cannot have one without another. That is, by decluttering your home, you are cleaning it of all the unnecessary mess. And, by decluttering, you are making the process of cleaning your home way easier. Thus, be sure to declutter and clean your home before you put it on the market. 

Depersonalizing Your Home

Decluttering can add to home value, that is a given. But, it can add to it only if you know what you are doing. Yes, cleaning and getting rid of junk can benefit your selling process, however, depersonalizing can help you sell your home in a flash, and more importantly, it can help you sell it for the highest price possible. 

So, what is depersonalizing? Depersonalizing is a kind of decluttering process where you get rid of all personal items – family photos, travel souvenirs, various memorabilia, etc. By doing this, you actually allow your potential buyers to forget that you are living there and you are giving them a chance to envision themselves living in your home. 

Of course, you don’t have to get rid of your personal items. Just pack them up and put them in storage until you move. Or, if you already found your new home, call Preferred Movers and let them relocate all your things to your new address. 

Making Your Home Look Bigger

If your home is cluttered with all sorts of knick-knacks, if it is filled with bulky furniture, if all the shelves and drawers are brimming with stuff, and if there is not an empty corner in all of your rooms, your home will look a lot smaller than it actually is. And, we all know what small homes do to their values – they lower them. 

However, small homes that are decluttered simply look and feel bigger. So, that is how decluttering can add to home value! By getting rid of unnecessary items you are making your small spaces look more spacious. 

If you don’t believe us – just hire a real estate agent and ask him (or her) about the importance of decluttering your home before selling it. And, speaking of realtors, don’t hesitate to ask them for some additional tips on how to increase the value of your home. After all, that is why they are there. 

Attracting the Right Buyers

As mentioned a couple of times before, nice homes attract nice buyers. Of course, we are not talking about likable buyers, but about buyers who won’t hesitate to fight for your home by offering more money than you actually asked. This is, again, how decluttering can add to home value. 

Clean, organized and decluttered homes look loved. But, not only that – they look well taken care of. And, that is what most buyers nowadays are looking for.

Thus, be sure to declutter each and every space in your home. Don’t allow any space to be filled with trash. Yes, this applies to your closets, drawers, shelves, pantries, etc. Moreover, when decluttering, don’t put all of your ‘extra’ items in your basement. You need to focus on this space too. That is, you need to have your basement (as well as your attic, garage, shed, etc.) decluttered too as all those potential buyers will peek in there too. Thus, either get rid of your extra stuff by donating, selling, or even discarding it, or take them to storage or a new home. 

And, Making it Look Problem-Free

Last but certainly not the least way decluttering can add to home value is by making your home look problem-free. Just think about it – if you were purchasing a home and you entered one that had all its walls covered with some items, would you be suspicious? That is, would you think that there is some problem hiding behind all those items? The answer is probably YES. This is what all buyers think about when they enter a home that is overcrowded without any particular reason. They don’t even want to inspect a home as they are sure that it is not worthy. 

As you have seen, there are many ways decluttering can add to home value. It can make your home look cleaner, bigger, problem-free, and it can attract the best kind of buyers. So, don’t even think much – if you plan on selling your home in the near future, declutter it now! Thank us later. 

By Manali