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Cardboard Cigar Boxes

Did you know that people would light up a cigar to show their social status in the early ages? Interesting right? Let’s take a peek into the history of a cigar and how Cardboard Cigar Boxes opt to make a statement in the market!!! Many people believe that ancient Mayans were the first who started to consume cigars, but with the passage of time origins of cigars took place in Mexico and America. Many types of cigars have come into a place like, Cuban cigars. It was once common for people to consume cigars by showing their status and perceived as wealthier than others. And even now, a good quality cigar is a symbol of wealth. But how does one compare a cigar with other? What makes a cigar unique in the market and buying worthy? It’s the cigar box that they have!

How do cigar boxes help?

Before I could tell you about cigar packaging, you should know: what are cigars like? In order to answer this, you should know how cigars are tailor-made!!! And the answer is simple and straight they are made of tobacco. They are nothing more than a twisted roll of tobacco pack in the brittle paper. Hence, this shows the royal nature of cigars, but because they are unique and contribute to the perception of cigars, several cigar makers offered custom cigar boxes.

Custom cigar boxes are tailor-made to preserve cigars. Cigars need to have a humidity level of around sixty to seventy Fahrenheit degrees! Below sixty and above seventy can harm the nature of cigars. Therefore, they came up with the idea of using packaging that enhances the shelf life of cigars by maintaining their humidity level. 

Why should you use cigar boxes?

There are many perks of using custom cigar boxes. Such as??? Such as you can have them printed in any design, or you can have them crafted in any shape. There are so many things that you can do to please your customers if you just customize your boxes. Customizing allows many different options. And we will discuss some of them below in the article.

Create an attractive appearance with custom packaging boxes:

An eye-appealing appearance is what attracts customers to buy your product. If you want different people to buy your products, you have to make sure that you are also working on making your packaging attractive. Why? When you go out to a party, what do you wear? Do you wear trousers and tees? No, right? You will wear something casual or either formal. Depending on the genre of the party! Just like that, you have to make your packaging style either formal or informal. Depending on what audience you are targeting!

Why does the target audience matter in this scenario?

Looking at the past stats of the market, the best way to achieve your company goals is to work on what kind of audience you want or want to target. And in the case of a product like cigars, you have to target the audience that is elite. Why elite? How often do you see some lighting up a cigar? Ah, not more often, right? Elites are the only ones who light up a cigar in meetings or in some parties to show their status among other people. Imagine you are presenting your product to a room full of people.

What do you want those people to think about? Where that cigar comes from. And what is the best way rather than demonstrating your product through a cigar box? Hence, this is why I recommend you customize your Cardboard Cigar Boxes so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How to make budget-friendly custom cigar boxes?

Everything nowadays seems a bit expensive to have. And having your custom packaging boxes at your demand may cost you a little bit more. And the budget is the last thing that anyone wants to increase, right? So, what option do we have in this case? Don’t lose hope, as I have found the perfect way for you to achieve your custom packaging boxes. And that is having custom cigar boxes wholesale. There are many packaging experts out there that deal in wholesale packaging options. And if you want your cigar packaging to stand out from the rest and want to spend lesser. Then Cardboard Cigar Boxes is your only option.

How do cigar boxes wholesale works?

Wholesale may sound complicated process to you when you hear it for the first time. But believe me, it’s not!! In order to have a lower rate, you have to make a contact with a packaging expert that deals in wholesale. After that, all you have to do is to place an order of cigar containers in bulk quantity. What do I mean by bulk? I mean that you have to make an order of at least three hundred or more. You’ll be able to lower the price of your order once you have done that since they will look at your order as wholesale. Having a lower rate will enable you to have Cardboard Cigar Boxes for your product!

Is that it? Nah! There’s more to wholesale. And some of the aspects are given below:

Free graphic designing

Designing a package is the beginning of a successful packaging service. Your packaging provider may be able to provide wholesale bulk Cardboard Cigar Boxes to you. In some cases, you may be able to upload your own cigar packaging, depending on which design/template you select. As a result, you can also create custom cigar boxes.

Perfect for shipping: Free shipping is available on a few wholesale packaging companies’ Cardboard Cigar Boxes. Wholesale purchases lower your prices, so they make sense if you want to buy cigar packaging in bulk. Furthermore, negotiating a lower rate with the company or offering some of its services for free may also be an option. Hence, it is very important that you customize your boxes to earn significant brand equity! 

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