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How do you hide your followers of Instagram

Instagram is among the most well-known social media platforms that are that is used by the majority of people.  In this article, we’ll examine ways to block your followers from Instagram.

Instagram hasn’t made it easy and simple for users who prefer privacy settings that are stricter. Particularly for those with many followers but wish to keep it private from other users.

Before the introduction of Instagram Stories and Reels, it was a basic platform for sharing pictures. But, as the platforms grow, it is increasingly difficult to safeguard your personal information through the app.

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Are you able to block Instagram followers? Instagram?

People often ask is: how can I hide the followers of Instagram?

The number of followers who follow you via Instagram and the number of people who are following you remains prominent when people click the profile picture on your Instagram profile.

How do you hide followers on Instagram with an account that is for business?

Whatever account you have, you’re not able to keep track of followers or follow lists regardless of the account you use. Instagram.

Even for accounts for businesses, it is possible to see how many followers are accessible to all who use the platform.

how can I hide private Instagram account followers?

A lot of users do not think about how essential it is to keep your Facebook accounts private. If you’re not a famous or an influencer, you must always make sure your profile is private.

It is impossible to know how other users might use the images and details you publish.

If you have a private account, other users are not able to view your photos or stories you share. If you use the public profile, this information is accessible to all.

While the number of followers and followers is visible when you have a private account, people can’t see who you are actually following. The only thing they can see is a single number.

Only those you allow following you are able to see the people you follow. However, when you have your public account, anyone can see the people you follow as well as your lists of followers.

There are options to limit your exposure on the platform, and what users see when they click to view your page.

How to change to private mode Instagram:

Open the Instagram app

  • Click on your personal profile, then click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on Settings
  • Tap Privacy Settings and Account Privacy
  • Click on Private Account

When you make a switch to an account that is private Instagram account Anyone who wishes to follow you has to ask permission.

Then you can decide whether you’d like to allow that person to see your profile.

The next thing you could do is to disable a user or limit their accounts. We’ll look at how to do this.

How can I remove my followers from Instagram?

If you feel that blocking a user is excessive, eliminate them.

If you delete a follower, they won’t be informed that they’ve been deleted. Instead, the moment they click your profile, they will see that they have stopped following you and will require your permission to visit your profile once more.

By taking followers off and keeping your profile secret, you can’t hide your followers on Instagram however all they will see is your followers’ number and not the number of followers you actually have.

The steps are below how to unfollow the followers of Instagram:

  • Open Instagram
  • Select your account
  • Click Followers at the top of the screen.
  • You can either search for people who don’t wish to follow, or browse through the list, then click “Remove”

In doing this, you are not limiting the number of people who are allowed to follow you. You can also block your followers on Instagram.

When the people you have removed are able to view your profile, they’ll be required to submit a second request to see your complete profile.

How do I stop looking followers via Instagram without unfollowing them?

Instagram has launched a brand-new feature that lets you not receive updates from a specific user without having to delete or block the account.

You can turn off their mute whenever you want to read their blog posts again.

The most appealing aspect of this option is that anyone who you have muted won’t be aware that they’ve been muted.


We hope that we’ve given you the answers to your question regarding how to block followers on Instagram. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to protect your account and be mindful of who you allow using your account.

Remember that your Instagram stories and posts should always be a screenshot. Don’t share your personal information such as your phone number or other personal information you have on any social platform.

By Manali