Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
raised planters box

Having a raised garden bed is not enough. You will also have to make sure that your raised garden bed is taken care of properly so that it provides you with maximum yield. One of the most important ways by which you will be able to take good care of your raised garden bed is to water the plants regularly. You need to provide a sufficient water supply to the roots so that the plants do not die early. This will also help the plants to grow to their full potential. But how exactly are you going to water your plants? Well, there are two different methods by which you can water the plants in your raised garden bed. You can either water them by hand or take the help of an automatic watering system. Let us look at how each of these methods works for you.

Watering By Hand: This is the most satisfying method for watering the plants in your raised garden bed. However, while watering the plants by hand, you will have to make sure that you use a slow stream of water. This can make the process effective. Also, make sure that your raised planters box is placed close to the water source. This will make the entire process of watering easy for you.

Watering By Automated Watering Systems: You can use different types of automated watering systems to water the plants in your raised garden bed. Some of these watering systems have been mentioned for you:

Sprinkler System: A sprinkler system has very good efficiency. However, the problem with this kind of watering system is that it can get the leaves wet, thereby leading to many diseases in plants. Watering through a sprinkler system causes excessive evaporation, which means a lot of water loss. Also, water does not always reach the soil depth.

Soaker Hoses: Soaker hoses can be an effective method. It targets the roots of plants and provides sufficient water supply to the roots. However, this kind of hoses can get clogged quite easily, and the water may not reach the soil evenly.

Drip Irrigation System: The Drip irrigation system is mainly used to water the soil and not the plants. Drip irrigation provides an even rate of water to the soil. This allows the soil to moisten evenly with minimum wastage of water.

Few Things To Remember While Watering Your Plants:

Closely observe the plants while watering them. Ensure that you are not providing them with too much water as it can cause the roots to die. You should also water the plant depending on the soil type. If the soil is already moist, there would be no need to supply too much water. It would help if you also tried watering the plants early in the morning for the best results. You may also use raised garden beds kits for growing your plants.

By Manali