Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Compatibility is the foundation of any relationship. It includes your worldviews, lifestyle, values, beliefs, and attitude toward life in general. Being compatible with your partner can lead to a harmonious relationship where small and large decisions are easy to make. Whether you search for your potential partner on a match making website for professionals or meet someone through common friends, one of the first things you must check is whether you are compatible with the person or not. But how do you determine whether you are compatible with someone from a few dates? Below are different ways in which you can find out whether you are compatible with a date or not:

Talk About Favorites

Take turns asking each other about your favorite things. This could be favorite books, movies, food, or anything else. While having too many common favorites may not always be necessary, it can start a conversation and help you connect with your date.

Bring Up Pets

Talk about pets and the kind of animals you like. If both of you have opposite views on animals or like different kinds of pets, you may not be able to settle with this person in the future.

Talk about Health, Food, and Exercise

Even if this is your first date, knowing what a person thinks about health and exercise is always good. If you look at this date as a potential spouse or life partner, you must know whether your thoughts about health and exercise match.

Bring Up Ethics and Religion

Agreeing with or respecting each other’s religious beliefs and ethics is critical to any relationship’s success. If you cannot accept your date’s religious views, then there is no point in continuing the relationship with them. You may think you can work these things out initially, but it will only lead to heartache and fights if you don’t see eye to eye on this topic.

Signs Indicating You are Compatible with your Date

Some signs show whether you are compatible with your date or not. Unfortunately, most people ignore these signs and either go ahead in a relationship that may not last or end a potentially healthy and strong relationship. Paying attention to signs of compatibility can save you from heartbreak and emotional distress in the future. Below are some common signs that could indicate your compatibility with your date:

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is one of the earliest signs of compatibility between you and your date. First, ask yourself if you are attracted to the person. While being physically attracted to someone is not everything in a relationship, it can set the foundation for most relationships and determine how compatible you are.

Common Goals and Interests

If you and your date are compatible, you will have common goals and interests in life. However, you don’t have to share all your interests. For instance, both you and your date may love traveling, reading books, and food, but you may not be interested in sports while they are. Having some common interests and goals gives you a chance to keep the conversation going and can set a strong foundation for a potential relationship. 

Similar Ideologies about Life

Another sign of compatibility between you and your date is shared ideologies and philosophies about life. If you and your date have similar core values, then chances are you may want to meet them again and spend time getting to know them. On the other hand, if you don’t share core values, it can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of communication in the future. Speak to your date about their core values. Ask them about their thoughts on your passions and principles in life to see whether your ideologies match.

Undivided Attention

Notice whether your date gives you undivided attention or not. This is also a sign of respect. Nothing is worse than speaking to someone about something important to you and noticing that they don’t care. If you are compatible, your date will give you their complete attention and be present in your company. They will be interested in what you are telling them. They may even ask questions, indicating they are interested in knowing more.

Finding a partner that you are compatible with is not always easy. While you may meet several people your family or friends think are right for you, they may not always share the same views. At such times, it can help to find a partner for yourself. Perfect 12 Introductions is a matchmaking service that can help you find a compatible partner. Their services include executive matchmaking, image consulting, and date coaching. They have over a decade’s experience in successfully helping individuals find compatible partners for themselves.

By Manali