Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Just as trends change with every passing year, education has seen a drastic change since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most students and teachers have shifted to online classes to ensure safety from the virus. Moreover, there are online courses that are available throughout the year. 

Digital learning has enabled students to extend their education while balancing a job side by side. Even though it has opened the door to education more than ever, some students find it difficult to cope with the difficulty of online classes. 

Here are some ways to focus on your study when using digital platforms.

Keep Away Distractions

When you are studying in a classroom, you can focus on the topic since the use of gadgets is not allowed during class. But with online classes, your smartphone or laptop is the source of education. You have your games, movies, and everything else on the device so it is easy to get distracted.

One solution would be to use the “Do not disturb” mode to stop notifications. You can uninstall games or apps on your device that distract you from studying.

Makes Notes During Classes

Whenever you are learning from a video or online class, make sure to take notes to remember the main points. Most teachers also send a PDF form of the lecture but it doesn’t mean that you don’t pay attention to the actual class.

Going through the lecture thoroughly and making notes can allow you to see if anything is missing in the PDF so that you can add more information using a pdf editor. For example, you may need to add pictures related to the topic for better understanding.

Follow the Studies Systematically

There is a sequence of topics within and between subjects that requires you to study systematically. Only then you will be able to understand the concepts well.

If you are studying from different websites then it can be hard to follow a sequence and you won’t be able to understand which topic is important or which is not.

You can solve this problem by looking for apps that systematically teach you things. Or follow a YouTube channel that offers the subject of your interest in the form of a playlist.

Ask Questions to Clear Doubts

As you are still in the learning phase of your life, you will have many doubts regarding different topics. It is hard to ask questions if you are attending pre-recorded classes but you should still make efforts to solve the problems. Like you could search the web or there should be some way to send your question for the teacher to answer.

When you are signing up for an online course, ask if they have a portal to ask questions from the tutor. If you are attending live classes, clear the doubts while classes are being conducted.

Attend Tests Regularly

When studying online, students often neglect to test themselves on a topic and see where they lack. So it is important to attend tests to assess your preparation for the exams. Most of the online courses offer mock tests and your task is to appear on all of them.

Besides tests, teachers also test the students with quizzes on the topics. Another way to evaluate your preparation is to attend to the questions at the end of each chapter of your book.

By Manali