Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
data analytics

Since the emergence of data analytics as an independent discipline, ventures of all standings are leaning towards the same. Given the precariousness of markets, this lean is essential for survival. Data analysts are thus in high demand among employers from a plethora of fields. And for organizations that can not afford to hire dedicated data teams, outsourcing the analytics tasks is also a possibility. Data analytics companies in India are flourishing amidst these favorable circumstances. A company dedicated to harnessing the latent power of data must have the infrastructure and manpower required for the same. And thus the demand for data analysts is not limited to big businesses. For new ventures that lack the infrastructure or adeptness needed for data analytics, these data analytics companies are the only hope for survival. And they must thrive with the same in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thus the expectations from a data analyst working in these companies are high. And the roles are rewarding, to say the least. Adeptness and possession of relevant skills can secure a sustainable career in data analytics, now more than ever. Thus getting to know about the expectations is a wise course of action.

Who can be a data analyst

A data analyst must be an adept statistician. And possess significant skills with programming languages. Especially, skills with python and R are greatly valued due to the alignment of these languages with data science needs. Being a liberal discipline, any enthusiast from any background can join the discipline. And the versatility of skills that data analysts possess can help them get placed in any field they fancy.

What do data analytics companies in India expect from a data analyst?

Industry aligned education

Data analytics training in India is spearheaded by a few leading institutes. And the entire education sector is bred from contemporary industry demands. Thus, leading and good institutes are always in sync with the industry and the curriculum is designed as per the demands and trends. And studying at one of those institutes means acquiring a set of skills that are of great value in the field of work. Thus, a student from a longstanding and reputed institute is always preferred by employers due to these assurances.

At work training

At work, training is essential for a data analyst to survive the steep expectations of the industry. The responsibility of a data analyst is to make sense of gargantuan amounts of all kinds of data. And chart a safe path towards a more favorable future. And the prospect of accumulating errors in this process can lead to unmitigable disasters. Something the businesses are always eager to evade. Therefore, data analytics companies in India are reluctant to make a risky hire and involve a freshman in their ranks.


Teamwork is essential when it comes to securing a fulfilling employment experience. Data analysts, being one of the most versatile assets for a company, can be deployed in a plethora of divisions. Thus it is expected that a data analyst will possess the ability to mingle and work with people from a plethora of backgrounds. And be indifferent to beliefs, cultures, and academic standpoints. A trait, only achievable through an arduous tenure in the industry.

Skills with automation

A data analyst in 2022 is expected to be able to handle huge data sets. Data is ethically available in an abundance. And the more the data is utilized, more accuracy can be expected from analytics operations. Thugs, it is absolutely essential for data analytics companies in India to use data at their maximum potential. And these humanly impossible analytics tasks must be handled with the help of automation. Thus, the development and deployment of automation tools like machine learning and artificially intelligent entities are desired traits that employers value with generosity. 

Communication skills

The communication skills a data analyst needs reach far beyond the sphere of interpersonal communications. The communication of analytics results is also of the essence. That too, in a manner so that all the involved parties can be made well aware of the same. Regardless of their readiness and level of data literacy. A data analyst makes sure all the relevant personnel understand the bigger picture with adequate clarity. So that they are well aware of the weightage of their roles and the importance of their responsibilities. And try to perform accordingly, for the greater good.

By Manali