Tue. May 21st, 2024

Accidents can occur due to many reasons. One of the most common causes of car accidents is drunk driving. Victims of a drunk driving accident reported the most injuries and damages. If you have been a drunk driving car accident victim, it would be most helpful to consult an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Handling a drunk driving accident could be problematic. It involves taking care of the victims, seeking medical assistance, dealing with evidence, etc. It may sound complicated at first, but it will become more manageable and beneficial once you know the essential factors. 

  1. Medical help 

It may sound obvious but seeking medical help immediately after an accident is necessary. Some of the victims of a car accident neglected medical support for the settlement. One should call emergencies right away after an accident and ensure they are getting proper healthcare. 

If you have been neglected medical help even after calling emergencies after an accident, you must contact a personal injury law firm for the further procedure in Atlanta. 

  1. Informing local authorities and legal help

After getting medical care, the victim of a drunk driving car accident should inform the local authorities like the police. It is essential to involve the police since the legal procedures for claim or settlement would be followed in some cases. A police report would become necessary if one decides to pursue the accident case in court. 

  1. Evidence 

If the victim chooses to proceed with the case with the help of an attorney, evidence might play an important role. The victim can easily take pictures of the incident, indicating the damages, crash scene, and injuries. One can also obtain the CCTV footage of the accident region by requesting a police officer in charge to prove that a drunk driver caused the accident. 

  1. Witnesses 

Potential witnesses would be needed for law enforcement to prove the cause of the accident. Evidence won’t be enough for assigning fault in some cases. The victim should call legal representatives after the accident since they can help them identify witnesses or obtain statements from the latter. 

  1. Accounting costs for damages

One of the often-overlooked factors is keeping a tab on medical costs and other charges to recover from the damages. Many victims ignore the factor of maintaining a record of all the expenses they had to pay for recovering from the damages and injuries. It might help many people during the claim process with the insurance company or case settlement.

By Manali