Sun. May 19th, 2024

The marketing experts sum up the importance of striving to have a happy clientele with your company. A satisfied consumer buys your products again and even recommends your business to friends and family, all without charging anything for it.

Why invest in customer satisfaction?

Satisfied customers are excellent salespeople for your business, but that’s not all. By investing in customer satisfaction, companies can:

  • Reduce spending on customer acquisition, as they get new customers by referral;
  • Sell again to the same customers, including through upsell and cross-sell;
  • Maintain a good reputation in the market, as promoting customers speak well of your business to people close to you, on review sites and on social networks — the famous word-of-mouth marketing.

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How to keep customers happy?

Now you know why it is important to invest in customer satisfaction. But how to do this in practice?

Here are 7 tips you can start applying now.

1. Know your customers well

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to start with this tip. All your interactions with consumers should be geared towards meeting their needs.

To be able to do this, you need to know your target audience, your persona and your ideal customer profile (ICP) well. In this way, the solutions proposed by the company will really meet the desires of consumers, making them more satisfied.

2. Offer quality service

Speaking of customer service, it is key when it comes to satisfied customers.

It is essential to direct efforts to offer fast, objective and effective service. Reduce response time and resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. This will show that you value their time.

3. Have a feedback channel

In addition to offering good service, give your customers a voice. Have an open channel for them to give feedback. Without listening to customer feedback, it’s hard to know where you can improve.

A good way to get feedback is to apply a survey. Another way to gather consumer opinion is satisfaction surveys.

Also, keep an eye on channels like social media. Monitoring platforms like Instagram and Twitter can bring interesting insights into how your customers feel about your brand.

4. Empathize

Empathy is key when dealing with customers. When you serve them, put yourself in their shoes and offer the service you would like to receive.

Always provide a humanized service, which brings your company closer to customers and makes them feel that, on the other end of the line, there is a person ready to listen to them.

5. Take care of after-sales

Many companies focus on delighting customers during the sale, but forget that after-sale is also crucial. This step after closing the deal serves to ensure that the customer is successful with the product or service purchased, having their expectations and needs met.

6. Invest in relationship marketing

Relationship marketing includes strategies to turn your customers into fans of your brand.

For this, it is necessary to create a good relationship, which can be done, for example, through emails, social networks, loyalty programs, among other actions.

7. Measure the results

Last but not least: always measure the results of your strategy. Keep an eye on the indicators, and look for opportunities for improvement.

By Manali