Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Getting a puppy must be so exciting for you. It’s all filled with fun and amazement. But being a new puppy parent is so challenging. Firstly, think of the breed you are planning to buy. Then, you should be able to take care of the needs of your puppies. Finally, since they can’t speak, you should understand their language yourself.

Further, think of the size and the trainability of the dog breed. For example, if your puppy is of a high breed, you should include plenty of walks in his schedule. But if your breed is food motivated, you should keep lots of dog treats.

Dog toys should be selectively chosen for your puppies. It depends on the breed size, also. There are about 20 breeds of smaller sizes in dogs. There are so many more to discover.

Ways to Look After Your Puppies

1.            Considering Your Dog’s Exercise

Dogs have a lot of energy, including daily physical activities. It would help if you gave a lot of time to your dogs on a playful note. Most dog breeds love sniffing, so you should allow them to do what they like. You can provide some fun games and activities to your puppies. But, of course, some breeds need more exercise than others.

2.            Choosing the Best Chews and Toys

Most people choose new toys for their dogs. However, there are a lot more things to consider. Additionally, squeaky toys or soft toys are always a great choice. But you can also choose puzzles or food dispensing toys for your puppies.

Visit reputed stores to buy various kinds of chew toys for your kids. Chews are pretty desirable for kids when it is appropriate. For instance, if your puppy is in trouble while eating, you can sit near them with chew toys.

3.            Allow Early Socializing to Your Puppies

The socialization window for puppies is around 14-16 weeks. After that, you can expose your dogs to other dogs to help them interact better. But interaction before 16 weeks is not a suitable time. They will not even understand the socialization purpose.

Adult dogs have feelings for someone or are apprehensive about certain stimuli. So keep the environment as stress-free as possible. You don’t want your dog to stress out so much. Safety is another factor that you must take care of always while allowing your dog to socialize. You can get advanced and superior quality dog fences from Pet stop to ensure that your pet is safe and sound from the threat of unwanted strangers.

4.            Learn to Read the Body Language of Dogs

One of the better experiences is that you can teach positive experiences to your dogs. Socializing also helps in learning the various body languages of dogs. Furthermore, some people understand growling or snapping, but some don’t have clues about it. The dog trainers will also ask you to understand your dog first. They whisper a lot, so you should catch what they are trying to tell.

5.            Use Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Dog Fully

When training your dog, use clues like sit or heel to teach them. You can learn any dog with positive reinforcement. These are proven to be positive and explicitly for all situations. It also helps in enhancing bonds as much as possible. It would help if you never scold or scare your dogs. Instead, give proper training to your dogs.

6.            Give Proper Diet to Your Puppies

If you want to care for your puppies, give them proper nutrition. Keep calm and fresh water available for them always. Choose the best dog food with the best ingredients. It also depends on the age of the puppies.


These are some of the tips to keep your puppy healthy. This will provide a lifetime of joy to your puppies. Puppies will bring the best entertainment to your lives. But, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe.

By Manali