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Many of us want to have a chaise lounge to accentuate the decor of our living or patio space. But they can cost you a bomb if you are planning to buy a brand new one. Yet, you still want to have one. The best option for you would be to get a second-hand chair and reupholster it with the fabric of your choice or make a cover. There are plenty of different fabrics that can be used to cover chair. Well, it’s not an hour’s job, but if you are persistent in saving some money yet want to create something for yourself, then this is a good idea. The project is completely doable on your own. Follow the tips mentioned below to get the most desirable chaise lounge chair cover.

Choose a fabric

Depending on the place you want to keep your chair will determine your choice of fabric. Cotton, microfiber cloth, velvet, and olefin are good fabric choices if you are planning to keep your lounge chair indoors. But if you want to use it as patio furniture, choose something long-lasting and weather-resistant like polyester. It is highly durable, tear-resistant, lightweight, and mildew resistant.   

Measuring the chair to get the required fabric

If you do not want to waste any fabric, take a measurement of your chair and buy fabric accordingly. Measure the width (widest side of the chair), depth (the deepest side), and height (the distance from the ground to the top of your chaise in the upright position). Follow these measuring patterns if you want to make one whole cover for your chair. Else, take separate measurements. Mention them to the storekeeper to buy the right amount of fabric that you will need to make the cover.

Test out the fabric

Chaise lounge covers can change the whole outlook of your room. It would be wise to use a dressmaker’s paper to make a pattern to test it out. Doing so will save you from wasting fabric. Make such a pattern that will not only serve the purpose of a cover but also will look good and make you feel comfortable. 

Cutting the fabric and sewing the panels

The next step is to cut the fabric according to the pattern you have just made. Using multi-use pins, secure the edges and sew the panels together. If you intend to keep the chair in an outdoor space, do not forget to add tie-downs or straps to keep the cover in place. If the covers are segmented, adding elastic bands or Velcro straps might be needed.  

Decorate as per your will

Give it an artistic touch by complementing the cover with a hand-knitted or acrylic-painted cushion cover. 

If all of these sound unattainable for you, simply order a customized chaise lounge cover. Not everyone has the time, skill, or knack to undertake such DIY projects. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while placing the order.

  • Mention your choice of fabric.
  • Provide accurate measurements.
  • Select the type of tie-downs you would prefer.
  • Some web pages allow you to upload a picture of your furniture. To be sure of your order, you can upload a picture of your lounge chair.


So, whether you decide to make it on your own or get it made, covering your lounge chair will benefit you in many ways.

By Manali

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