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This is one of those things that seems like it would take a half-hour of your time and be so easy but ends up taking hours because you keep forgetting to do it. But all that can change with these simple tips, which include using stencils on the inside of the box as well as on top. Keep reading for instructions! There are times when people don’t even want to bother trying to make their cereal boxes more attractive due to the fact that they are just never done.

The boxes are just not attractive, and when it comes time for a school project or for other events. Where you have to decorate a cereal box. Even just showing that you have the creative side you have to come up with something creative.

What the person does is come up with the easiest of all decorating ideas; he or she takes a piece of paper and puts it over the box.

The person then scribbles on the paper so that the cereal box becomes hidden underneath, thus not looking as ugly.

This is an easy way to do it, but when you start looking at other options, you will find that there is many more creative ideas offering by some other people.

Including one young girl who put a piece of straw on the top of a cereal box so that the inside stood out, while keeping all the rest of the box a plain white. Another girl decided to use another color on her cereal box.

These and many other creative ideas are listed below, but they are all just as good as the first and you can use them to make your cereal boxes more attractive.

How to do it?

Here are some simple tips to make your cereal box more attractive; however, this is not so easy. Take a piece of paper and put it over the cereal box in order to create a stencil.

The person then can choose the color that he or she likes and scribbles on it to create an image.

Afterward, the person can choose another color and repeat the process in order to make the cereal box more attractive.

This is a good way to hide the ugliness of a cereal box and give it some sort of artistic value.

Another way is by making a letter stencil and pressing it on top of the box. This is a very popular way to decorate the box because it looks classy, simple, and attractive.

The person can decide what color he or she likes and then draw on the stencil in order for it to blend with the rest of the design.

When it’s done, the person just has to press a photo underneath it from cardboard so that it would look better and is more attractive. These are some creative ideas to make your cereal boxes more attractive.

Another option is by putting your face on top of the box. You can choose a color that you like and draw on your face. What the person does is use a black marker to darken the images so that they stand out more.

If you want to make a mascot, then all you have to do is take an image of something. Represents your school and trace it on the cereal box, or what you want to decorate.

You can use a pencil if you are not sure about the image. Then make it more visible by coloring in everything that you have drawn.

This is another creative idea. All you have to do is take an image of a cartoon character from your favorite show. Then put it on top of the cereal box as well as inside it.

All you have to do is trace the image and then cut it out. Then you will have to take a pattern paper and cover it with tape.

You can cut out this pattern paper and use it to cover your cereal box. This is a very interesting way to make your cereal boxes more attractive.

You can also use the same technique. Order to create a stencil of an image that represents your school or something else that represents who you are and your interests.

This is one creative idea and it’s very easy. Especially since the person does not have to mess around with paint or any other kind of materials. Are use for making this picture more visible on the box.

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