Sun. May 19th, 2024

Magnetic car signs have been in vogue in the advertising world for quite some time. They have their unique advantages, and so many marketers have chosen them over car decals, vinyl wraps, or paint jobs. Automobiles are always on the move, and thus the magnetic car signs have evolved as an effective OOH advertising tool. But most buyers do not know that the material of these signs matters much when it comes to judging their performance. While ordering these signs, one must be aware of the following things.

The thickness of the signs matters

The thickness of the magnetic sheet used for car magnets matters because it is one of the deciding factors of a good quality sign. Unfortunately, this problem is not as uncommon as you may think. The thickness of the magnetic sheet must first be considered when manufacturing magnetic signage. Its thickness determines its strength.

The recommended minimum thickness for automotive signs is 30mil. That is the minimum thickness widely accepted throughout the business world. Anything less than 30mil may not have enough pull to resist the external forces that a car sign has to bear.

Proper maintenance of the signs is crucial

With that said, several additional factors could be causing your customer’s vehicle signs to blow off, the most prevalent of which is improper sign cleaning and storage. The best approach to store your magnetic car signs is to put them flat on a steel surface (when not in use). If this isn’t an option, roll them up, but make sure the printed sides of the signs are facing outward. If you roll them up the other way, the magnets’ edges may curl and will not lie flat when placed on your vehicle again. The danger of wind getting underneath the magnet and levering it up is considerably more likely now that the edges of the magnet are lifting from the surface of your car. The sign will eventually blow away as a result of this happening.

Proper cleaning of both the car and car sign is needed

The cleanliness of both the magnet and the vehicle is another common contributing element. Debris might get caught between the sign and the automobile if not adequately cleaned at regular intervals. This problem is harmful in two ways. Firstly, larger debris can create channels via which wind can pull the magnet off. Secondly, air gaps can also be created by debris. These are the spaces between the sign and the surface it is adhering to. The magnet’s gripping force may get reduced, and as a result, it may blow off. To avoid this problem, the magnet and the car’s surfaces should be properly maintained and cleaned timely. 

How to clean and store a magnetic car sign

  • Clean the sheet with a mild detergent and water.
  • Repeat the process on both sides.
  • Prepare your vehicle by applying wax to it. Let it hard for at least 48 hours.
  • To ensure there is no dirt, wipe the surface before its application.
  • Take the magnets off when not in use. Clean whenever needed, as they accumulate dirt easily.
  • Store them flat or in rolls. But never attach one magnet with another. 


If you can take care of these, your car signs are bound to last longer than expected. 

By Manali