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We live in the times when it’s impossible to be a successful business person, if your company doesn’t exist online. If you haven’t heard about beacons, today’s entry will introduce you to a topic that can change your marketing activities once and for all. What is beacon? How to use it and what are its benefits? Keep reading!

Beacons – what are they?

A beacon is a small wireless device that sends signals with the use of numbers and letters. This signal is detected by nearby devices with Bluetooth (computers, smartphones, etc.) and transferred to the cloud server which analyzes the code (ID numbers), categorizes it and displays a relevant message to the user.

How can you use beacons?

Beacons have a wide range of applications. In fact, your imagination and skills are the only limit here. Just imagine that you go to a foreign country but you don’t understand the language. You arrive at a big airport and you have no idea where to go. You dream about being in a place where someone could give you clear instructions in your mother tongue. Read more about dr solutions

Fortunately, the manager of the airport took such a scenario into consideration and decided to make use of beacons. While standing next to a jewelry shop you see a sign with an app logo and you decide to download it. The beacon on the wall sends out the signal and when you open the app, it analyzes the ID and is able to provide you with needed information. This way, you learn that you’re standing next to the jewelry shop, you can enter the airport location you want to reach (in your language) and the app will guide you there.

Of course, when sitting at the airport, people usually have a lot of free time. The installed app also shows special discounts in selected shops and has a plane schedule thanks to which you can comfortably shop and walk around the airport without stressing out that you’ll be late.

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  • This is just an example. Now, think about your business and ways beacons could streamline your operation and improve your profits.

    How can you use beacons? The takeaway

    Beacons are a powerful weapon that can help you take your business to the next level. Think about possible applications of this technologically advanced solution to improve your customer experience, create a safer workplace or manage your company more efficiently.

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