Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

A mammogram is a vital step in maintaining your overall health and the health of your breasts. Whatever your level of experience with mammograms, understanding what to anticipate may make the procedure smoother for you and your Boise mammogram doctor.

Talk to your Doc

Make sure that your doctor is aware of the following information to guarantee that you get a high-quality mammogram:

  • Any breast changes or difficulties you’re experiencing.
  • If you have breast implants.
  • If you have difficulty standing and keeping steady on your own, if you are nursing, or if you suspect you may be pregnant.
  • Tell the technician straight away if you notice that you are feeling giddy during the procedure.

Screening mammography – What to expect?

  • If you want to undergo a screening mammogram, you’ll have to undress above the waist. You will be provided with something to wear at the facility. 
  • You and the technologist will be the only two people present in the room during the process.
  • Your breast must be flattened or squeezed to get a high-quality image. In front of the machine, you’ll be asked to remain still while a technician places your breast on the machine. After that, the top plastic plate is lowered to squeeze your breast for around 10 to 15 seconds while the technician obtains an x-ray of your chest.
  • You will need to adjust your posture to squeeze your breast from side to side before the second x-ray is performed.
  • While the method is the same for a 3D mammography (also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, or DBT), you’ll notice that the machine will travel in a bit of arc, either over the top of your breast or down the side of your breast, for each picture. You may be asked to hold your breath each time it’s done.
  • The whole process may take around 20 minutes. 
  • Compression of the breasts may cause discomfort and even pain for some individuals. Inform the technologist if it hurts so that they may attempt to alter the compression to your comfort level if necessary.

You will get a detailed report on the outcomes of your mammogram, which will be sent to your healthcare practitioner. Unless you hear from your healthcare provider within 10 days, don’t assume that your mammography was normal. Call your healthcare provider or the hospital where the mammogram was performed for further information.

By Manali