Thu. May 30th, 2024

Buying property in Islamabad is among the country’s most sought-after ventures. The nation’s capital is one of the world’s quickest developing capitals in the real estate industry, thanks to its lush greenery, well-organized layout, stability, and security. Islamabad is a developed metropolis with stunning scenery, world-class amenities, and high quality of living. The area is surrounded by zones and signposted in such a way that it is instantly recognizable. Besides being Pakistan’s popular support, Islamabad is also a popular tourism destination. For many people, purchasing a home in Islamabad may appear to be the ideal real estate investment. However, finding the appropriate house isn’t as simple as it sounds; it takes a great deal of legwork and study to locate the right estate to invest in. When it concerns buying a home in this city, two identities come to mind immediately away: Taj Residencia & Park View City.

Taj Residencia

The Sardar Group of Companies enthusiastically introduces Taj Residencia, a first-rate residential community in Islamabad, which is unsurpassed in its beautiful attractiveness and calm. It is meticulously created to meet your desire for a luxurious lifestyle. When the state-of-the-art construction, The Centaurus, was conceived and built, they set an unequaled international standard, far greater than anything ever attained in Pakistan’s existence. Read more about kingdom valley islamabad official website.

It is without a dispute one of the finest examples of luxury accommodation ever created in Islamabad. The Taj Residencia in Islamabad is a premium residence intended for the ultimate in posh living. This project offers a magnificent living surrounded by clean air, wide-open areas, natural landscapes, lush foliage with a stunning backdrop, new world-class facilities, local conveniences, and plenty of family attractions.


The most pressing concern for investors at this moment is if or not the gated community is lawful. The owners have resolved this issue and have made it a primary focus for the project’s growth. For all those wanting to make a reservation, the important news is that the RDA has authorized this residential society as lawful. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved Taj Residencia’s NOC File, and all other legal requirements have been met. Phase 1 of Taj Residencia covers a total of 10,000 Kanal.

In the meantime, a huge area has been set aside for Phase 2 expansion. It also gave the go light to the Taj Residencia Extension. As a result, investors can go ahead and reserve their plots, allowing them to enjoy the lavish lifestyle they’ve been hoping for for so long. To clarify, RDA is in charge of verifying the geographical position of the relevant locations and the site’s territorial borders. This society is located in the Rawalpindi district and is hence another of the RDA-approved residential projects.

Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is a safe and cost-effective housing development in the capital. It is conveniently positioned in Islamabad’s downtown area. It will be a combination of luxury and peace in one package. Park View City is specifically designed to meet the needs of its residents, who are of various ages. In short, this private community’s elegant home plan and well-advanced services make it a wonderful place to experience a calm life of serenity in Islamabad. In reality, this enterprise has shifted the market to its advantage. It also attracts foreign investment in addition to domestic ones. Individuals display enthusiasm in this development because of its advanced development stage, tranquil environment, and captivating scenic wonders.

Vision Group’s builder is run by Aleem Khan, who has a strong reputation in Lahore for his prior developments. As a result, following the project’s inception in Islamabad, there has been a lot of buzz about it. From a legal standpoint, the developer also has a valid NOC from CDA, indicating a legitimate community. Simultaneously time, since the start of this venture, costs have risen dramatically. As a result, it piqued the curiosity of both investors and genuine consumers. Furthermore, the payment plan makes it an excellent living option as well as a good investment potential.


As per a society representative, the site for Phase I of the initiative has recently been purchased, and three additional phases will be introduced shortly. Houses & farmhouses will be included in these sections. When asked if the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had issued a no-objection certificate (NOC) for Park View Islamabad, the source replied the NOC had already been granted with letter no CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/vol-I/168. Its former NOC had been revoked owing to the cumbersome approach via Malot Road. However, after a victorious court trial, it was promptly reinstated. The project’s NOC was canceled in 2014, as per the CDA website. The community is due to be finished within 2.5 years. The construction of the road network is currently underway.

By Manali