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One of the best sauces that have revolutionized the world of fast food, mayonnaise is a great condiment used in a lot of dishes. Mayonnaise is a major ingredient of these fast food items which involve some sort of bread like sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, rolls, etc. The purpose of using it is to soften the bread and make it more juicy and delicious.

You can either buy mayonnaise online or simply make it at home. However, due to the use of mayonnaise at large scales in the food industry, the most preferred method is to make it by yourself. It is quite easy to make and involves some simple ingredients which are budget-friendly as well. You only need some egg yolks, olive oil, vinegar, and some seasoning of your choice to make it.

The use of mayonnaise is not in the food industry just like a sauce. It is also used to make a whole variety of sauces as well which are referred to as mayo sauces. These mayo-based sauces are used in various ways and reflect the awesome tastes that can be achieved by using mayonnaise. Following are some of the top listed mayo-based sauces that can be used in different food items.

Mustard Aioli

Mustard Aioli is one of the most amazing sauces that can be made from mayonnaise. Served with some mushroom dishes, it is going to be a tasteful experience for you. The method to make it is quite easy. If you already have some mayonnaise present in your home, simply add some mustard paste and whole-grain mustard powder to it and mix it well.

However, in case you don’t have mayonnaise, you can use two egg yolks, some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper along with mustard paste to make this sauce. After completing all the ingredients, you have to simply beat it well using an electric beater. Keep on doing that till the sauce gets the required thickness and enjoy it with mushroom sandwiches.

Remoulade Sauce

One of the best dipping sauces, that is widely served with fish fingers roasted fish, remoulade is also made out of mayonnaise. It is the most flavorful sauce that is very popular in southern regions of the world and has great popularity throughout the United States. The method to make it is quite easy as you don’t even need to cook it.

First of all, take mayonnaise, add some hot sauce of your choice in it along with pickle juice, paprika, horseradish, seasonings, and some garlic, and then mix it well. After that, you should let it sit for some time so that all the flavors get absorbed in each other and you can have a delicious sauce.

Fry Sauce

No one can neglect the importance of ketchup as a dipping sauce for fried items and all types of fast food. However, mayonnaise is also served as a dipping sauce along with ketchup in almost every fast food shop with a good repute. What will be the result if you mix these two top dipping sauces in the world? 

The result will be the best fry sauce in the world that is definitely going to beat the level of ketchup or mayonnaise but will introduce a new world of flavors. You have to simply mix ketchup, mayo, garlic, some seasoning, and salt to make this sauce.

Tartar Sauce

If you are a seafood lover, then you must have tasted a whole variety of sauces including thousand island sauce, mustard sauce, buffalo sauce, and oyster sauce, etc. However, the use of tartar sauce with different kinds of seafood has a separate fan base. The making method is quite easy and will only take five minutes if you have all the ingredients available. Take mayonnaise and add pickle, mustard powder, chopped capers, chopped shallots, lemon juice, and some Tabasco sauce to it. Mix it well and let the flavors interact with each other to enjoy a delicious tartar sauce.

Knowing the different varieties of mayo sauces, you are definitely going to keep mayonnaise at your home. Try out these different sauces, and the best part is that you can add some favorite ingredients in mayo to make a new sauce from it.

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