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New world is a large multiplayer online open sandbox game. Players need to grasp their destiny on a road full of hostility and curse, what to do here, who to ally with, and who to confront.

It’s up to players to decide whether they live alone in a terrible and supernatural environment or build a prosperous civilization with others. In this world of weather, season and time, the only limit is the player’s own ambition. If you want have better game experience, buy New World gold from with cheap price, fast delivery and safe transaction.

Explore an open world full of dangers and opportunities, where you will create a new destiny for yourself as an adventurer who died on a supernatural island. In the wilderness and ruins of the island, there are endless opportunities for you to fight, feed and forge.

This work has a non hierarchical real-time combat system. You can guide supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons, fight alone or join a small team, or join a large-scale army in PvE and PvP battles. You have the choice.

Previously, we reported that many new world players complained about the unreasonable economic system in the game, the continuous appreciation of game gold coins and the depreciation of goods and resources. Recently, new world developers replied to players’ questions about the economy in the game.

Original text:

Thank you for your discussion and feedback on the economy in the game. First of all, I would like to state the objectives of our development team. What we want to build for the game is a player driven economic system. In this system, NPC participation is very low, and gold coins are valuable to all players, even retreating players.

As for the current game economy, from the perspective of data, the economic performance is within an acceptable range. The New World gold coins created by all game servers are more than the gold coins eventually consumed, and the difference is not small. Moreover, the current economy will tighten at the high level of players. The residual generated by each level is very high in the range of 1-35, considerable in the range of 40-59 and less in the range of 60. This means that the more players reach level 60, the greater the pressure on the game economy.

The above figure shows the difference between the gold coins flowing into the economic system and the gold coins flowing out. Players constantly generate positive gold coins surplus every day, but it shows a downward trend on the whole. If this trend continues, the game economy will enter negative growth, and we will take action at this time. Our goal is not to reduce this value to zero or make it so that no player can accumulate wealth, but to ensure that the overall gold coin balance of each server remains controllable, so gold coins are still very important.

There are two major changes that will help the game economy. The first is to fix the Azoth staff error, which will allow players to brush money violations. Second, we just reopened the outpost rush. Outpost rush is a good source of income, which will really help players.

In addition, I would like to remind you that there are a lot of gold coins (10 times) for the first three camp tasks every day. This is not well communicated in the user experience, and we will improve it in the future. Therefore, please ensure that you perform three camp tasks every day to help you balance your personal gold coins.

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