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odisha state pollution control certificate for industries

The Odisha state Pollution Control board (OPCB) was established with the objective to preserve and improve the quality of environment through prevention and abatement of pollution, thereby promoting the public health. The Board has been established as a central agency. There is a need to establish a pollution control board and institute the facility of pollution control certificate in industries. Only then will it become possible to control pollution, prevent its spread and protect the health and safety of workers in all kinds of industries which are polluting.

Odisha State Pollution Control Board Registration Process

  1. For making an application for obtaining Authorization under Bio Medical Waste (M& H) Rule, 1998 the applicant shall go through the odisha state pollution control board website at URL or in the home page of the URL. Please click on “online application”. 
  2. Registration : Before submitting the application online, the applicant has to register , for the new users user ID and password is to be generated by clicking on the “ New HCE Registration Link of the website” . 
  3. The existing users who has ID and password they can login directly to OCMMS.

Consent to establish and Consent to operate process

 To be able to work on your project, you will need to get an approval from the ministry. The approval is valid for a set period of time and is renewable. To obtain the approval, you will have to prepare an application form that has all the necessary information regarding products, how they should be used and their environmental impact. Once approved by MOE, your business has all that it needs to begin operating, but you still need a few final documents in order to complete your project: consent to establish and consent to operate

  1. Consent to establish 
  2. Consent to operate

 To establish a new business, an Consent to establish is required. This can be issued by the municipality where the establishment will take place and must be accompanied by a consent to operate. Furthermore, this license would allow for you to trade there as an independent businessman.

Documents / Other Requisites For Obtaining Various Clearances From The State Pollution Control Board, Odisha.

Consent to Establish (CTE)

  1. Consent to establish application in prescribed format
  2. Fees prescribed for obtaining consent to establish.
  3. Project report
  4. Land document
  5. Permission from local authority
  6.  Lay out map of factory, building along with list of pollution control / monitoring equipment,
  7. Copy of environmental clearance

Consent to Operate Odisha (CTO)

  1. Consent to operate application.
  2. Fees prescribed for obtaining consent to operate, along with latest audited balance sheet.
  3. Copy of Environmental Clearance of Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MOEF&CC)/State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) (if applicable).
  4. Latest layout map of the factory.
  5. Copy of latest environmental statement.
  6. Process flow chart and detailed manufacturing process

CTE and CTO Approval Procedure

  1. Submission of Online Application through OCMMS 
  2. Section Officer scrutinizes the application /site visit and makes recommendation
  3. Supervising Officer (Senior Scientific Officer / Scientific Officer / Environmentasl Engineer) Scrutinizes and makes recommendation
  4. Based on the recommendations CTE and CTO is granted / rejected by PPCC / Chairman / Member Secretary as per delegation of powers

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