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Hacking refers to the unlawful penetration into a company’s or person’s device. The word hacker usually sounds negative to us. But that is wrong; there are some good hackers who have the capacity to increase and enhance the system’s security. These hackers are called ethical hackers, and they work to suppress the activities of unethical hackers.

The goal of unethical hackers is to cut the chain of network systems and grab money. Both ethical and unethical Hire a hacker to hack iphone work in the same manner, but they have different purposes. An ethical hacker is usually a qualified and CHC certified one. You cannot find a single black hat with a CHC certificate.

They work for government agencies such as defence, big IT companies, and law enforcement. You can also find the number of ethical hackers forming their own company or agency to provide services with their amazing skills. In this article, we give details of some active pro hacker agencies.

·   Hannibal Hackers

They have certified and well-qualified Hire a hackers hack iphone from all over the world. They are at the top when it comes to efficiency because of the experience and skills of their employees. Their services include hacking Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Reddit, Discord, iPhone, database, email, Snapchat. This pro hacker agency can also recover lost funds.

Hannibal Hackers will create a custom URL that helps you to monitor the individual without the fear of being detected or traced. On average they have over 200 plus daily clients with 500000 current users. And the rating for this agency is near 4.5.

·   National Anti-hacking Group (NAG)

It is the best pro hacking agency working for 16 plus years. Their specialisations include information security management, ISO27001, cyber forensics, and content management. They provide services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, cyber security, etc. penetration tests and vulnerability provide a deep understanding of how safe your servers, network and applications are. In addition to this, they conduct awareness programs, training in ethical hacking.

·   Hacker associate

It is a licensed platform that offers 200 plus Cyber Security Training Certifications. They provide a lot of services; some of them are Antivirus security, Cloud/remote access security, data recovery, commercial computer security, anti-hacking security, android penetration testing, API penetration testing, Aws penetration testing, Bug bounty hunting, cloud computing, code analysis, cyber threat hunting, digital forensic, email security, firewall security, healthcare security, iOS penetration testing, malware analysis and detection, server hardening, web app penetration testing, etc.

They also run tuition classes on ethical hacking. It is a famous pro hacker agency based in Bangalore. They promise to give you practical knowledge and hands-on cyber security training. They have trained around 112k candidates and delivered 26000 plus services. Hackers associates have worked with African companies, Trained Qatar army, secured Nepal banks, initiated OHSE in Australia and Singapore.

·   Agamya Cyber Tech

They are the first cyber security company in North Karnataka. They always follow their slogan “smart security for smart people” by caring for clients’ Data Privacy. Their services are Web and network penetration testing, iOS, Cyber security internship, cybercrime investigation, cyber security workshops and many more. They have trained 1020 plus students and 853 plus police officers. Their office is located in Dharwad, Karnataka. You can contact them at

·   Anonymous

This agency originated on imageboard 4chan in 2003. Anonymous is a leaderless company which works against exploitation with the help of hacking. The group mainly focuses on many international issues Wikileaks, Copywrite protection, child pornography, etc. anonymous was one of the 100 most influential people mentioned by time magazine in 2008. The famous works of this agency are hacking the Pentagon, ambushing PayPal Hire a hacker, Mastercard and Visa.

·   Network Crack Programs Hacker Group

It is a Chinese hacker agency located in Zigong, established in 1994. It was established by the army of China. This agency hacked almost 40% of hacker websites in China. It came under the light when iDefense linked the ‘GinI rokit.’ Network crack programs hacker group is the popular pro hacker agency in China.

·   Digvijay Malhotra

Digvijay Malhotra is a white hat hacker and penetration testing expert. He founded this agency to provide training and services to IT professionals. This agency is located in Punjab, India. They give services like online fraud protection, cyber investigation, website vulnerability, spy software and devices, etc. they can track fake email ids and protect your email account from DDOS attacks.

·   Cosy Bear

It is a group of Russian hackers connected to various pro hacker agencies in Russia. It has been given many nicknames like office monkeys, cozyduke, cosy car, etc. it was formed in 2008. We recently heard the news that Russia had tried to take the COVID 19 vaccine development details illegally. That is this group that helped Russia to steal the information. However, there is no confirmation for the success of this deal.

·   Division Zero

It is a Singapore based cyber security group. Volunteers completely operate it to provide safer cyberspace in Singapore. It gives many services and also organises events to make people understand more about the field of hacking. Everyone can join the events by Division Zero.

·   Bureau 121

It is North Korea’s pro-hacker agency which works in correlation with the military of Korea. This agency was founded in 1998. The individuals working for this company are from various parts of the world. According to America, this agency can cause damage by cyber-attacks.

·   Digital DawgPound

This group was established by StankDawg. They welcome candidates who are willing to understand and learn about hacking. Their main aim is to show how hackers can contribute good things to society. The best work of DDP is the Binary revolution; this project focuses on giving positive aspects of hacking.


Since the last decade, the pro-hacking agencies gained importance as most people started using the internet. These agencies have become ingenious to the government to hack the enemy countries’ websites. As hackers are very important to secure the government’s data, hackers are gaining importance. Hence hacking courses, training centres are also emerging in every city. Also if you’re getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers, you might want to figure out who owns this phone number. This dilemma can be solved with the use of a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup free is a sort of phone number verification that may be used by an organization or a person to determine who owns a specific phone number. In general, a search engine could do this for you, but there are a number of reasons why you would not want to trust a search engine to offer credible results for this service.

In every work today security is very important. Even though every business works in a structured manner yet it is very difficult to manage the security because of online threats. Hence, every company hires skilled hackers to run their business smoothly.

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