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Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate is one of the most lucrative streams if you can get in front of the buyers as quickly as possible. The industry has strong potential that allows you to make ample money. You only need to reach the right people with the right tool at the right time. 

Video is a potent tool to reach a wide range of audiences by showcasing the listed properties and neighborhoods on different social media platforms and online forums. Therefore, video marketing can be one of the most effective strategies that help sellers and real estate agents increase the number of inquiries they receive and hence, boost the chances of sales. Not only this, but it also fosters engagement, authenticity, and storytelling. 

What Are the Different Forms of Video Marketing?

Want your potential audiences to attend virtual tours of your property? Video marketing is the perfect solution to convey your message in the tone you want it delivered to your audience. 

These are the different types of videos you can make to increase the inquiries and sales of your properties: 

1. Interview Videos

Virtual house tours for customers may become tedious after posting a couple of videos. Try to bring something new by engaging your audiences and increasing the number of connections by publishing videos in which you talk about your credibility. 

2. Videos Comprising External Elements

Exhibiting your customers with the property’s neighborhood or nearby places may contribute that one wow factor that encourages your clients to buy your listed property. 

3. Live Video

Going live and directly reaching your clients is one of the most efficient ways to speak authentically. It also builds trust as live-streaming your property will clearly depict your conviction to the sale and commitment. 

4. Testimonial Videos

These videos enhance your credibility and trustworthiness among prospective buyers, as direct testimonials will always benefit your brand and allow you to sell your property most authentically. 

Hacks to Sell More while Conducting a Real Estate Video Marketing Campaign

The primary benefit of real estate video marketing is that it encourages sellers to choose your agency over your competitors and attract more buyers to your listings. About 85% of buyers and sellers prefer working with agencies that use real estate video marketing strategies to sell more. So, here are some crucial hacks you can integrate into your marketing videos to reel in more potential clients: 

1. Plan your Angle in Advance

Making an enticing real estate video may not be that easy. You need to focus on the crucial tips to ensure your video holds your target audiences’ attention. So, proper planning is imperative. 

Spend time thinking about what story you want to tell? Do you want to hire actors to play any roles? What time of the day/night do you plan to film? Do you want your buyer to fall in love with your exquisite property, or do you want to sell your real estate skills? All these factors need to be gauged well in advance to ensure the success of your video marketing campaign. 

2. Create a Compelling Script

An impeccable video pattern follows a 3-act story structure. The first act includes providing your viewers with a clear, precise view of your property along with the locality. The second step focuses on showcasing every bedroom and the living room, kitchen, dressing, and balcony. In the third act, you must display the exterior of your property. If you are using a drone for the footage, place it tactfully. 

3. Invest in Quality Post-production

Suppose you have everything in your special house – from an exquisite marble-top counter in your kitchen to breathtaking woodwork in the bedrooms. Do you know what else you need?

An efficient video editor to help create eye-catching videos and provide a seamless virtual tour to your clients. So, do not hesitate to spend money to buy subscriptions to expensive software or devices that will let you create high-quality videos.

4. Hook Viewers 

Remember, the first 10 seconds of your video are very crucial. Keep it brief and grab the attention of your viewers within those 10 seconds if you do not want them to skip your video and scroll away. 

The good news is that longer videos have a weak impact on audiences than shorter videos. So, showcasing spectacular house amenities with good storytelling is one way to hook your clients. Always trust your instincts, and do not be afraid of thinking out-of-the-box. 

5. Call the Customer to Action

Putting a call-to-action at the end is integral to skillful real estate video marketing in today’s digitalized world. Once your audience finishes watching your video, a CTA lets them decide their next actions. Whether you want them to call a number, send an inquiry by email, like, comment, or share your post, etc., do not forget to include a CTA at the end, which may depend on your goal, the property you sell, and target audience.

6. Video Marketing

The video marketing strategies you follow immensely rely on the video editor you choose. So, always select your video editors and makers after considering all factors. 

One of the significant factors allowing you to maximize the value of SEO is by using great apps and robust software that help improve the picture and audio quality. Once you do this, start promoting your video on different social media platforms and enhance your brand’s credibility.

7. Focus on Unique Features

Forget about the price range of your property (even if it is very high). Focus only on boasting the unique, exclusive, and most intriguing property features. Special features could be:

  • Original wooden flooring
  • A fully landscaped garden in your nearby places or your surroundings
  • Any quirks that make the property swanky


While video marketing is the best idea for selling more properties to prospective clients, there are other ideas to bring in qualified buyers. Some include partnering with local businesses, building a blog, employing virtual staging, developing email marketing campaigns, running paid Instagram promotions, asking for referrals, co-hosting a webinar, creating a Zillow profile, leveraging media to advertise your property, optimizing your website for mobile, maintaining an email newsletter, investing in branded swag, creating a standout business card, and filming video walkthroughs. 

Using the vital resource of video marketing helps consumers recognize a brand and make it relatable. Strategic and masterful marketing with videos can help generate more revenue by converting more leads. 

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