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When it comes to buying or selling cryptocurrencies, Crypto ATM offers the ultimate in convenience, speed, and security. If you are equipped with your mobile phone and have cryptocurrencies that you would like to sell for cash, all you need to do is step into the nearest store featuring an ATM kiosk and complete the transaction in minutes. Read more about AndroVid Pro Apk.

Here is a closer look at the steps that take place while exchanging cryptocurrencies for cash:

  1. Locate the Bitcoin ATM near me: Enter your zip code and search for the nearest crypto ATM after activating the ‘Buy and Sell’ filter so that you can be sure the ATM also supports selling transactions. 
  2. Choose the crypto that you need to sell: Some ATMs support the exchange of several cryptocurrencies. Select the relevant one from the list and accept its applicable terms and conditions.
  3. Choose your cash limit according to how much amount you plan to withdraw. Generally, there is a fixed limit for unregistered users. However, registered users can withdraw above this limit. 
  4. Key in your phone number to receive OTP (One Time Password) to proceed with the transaction.
  5. Confirm your name and phone number on the display screen and proceed to enter the amount of cryptocurrency you plan to sell for cash.
  6. Open the crypto application on the phone and scan the QR code on the receipt printed by the BTC ATM machine.
  7. Send the right amount of cryptocurrency from your wallet to the digital wallet of the Bitcoin service provider.
  8. Once you get confirmation of the transaction, you can proceed to withdraw cash. 
  9. Use the camera on the ATM machine to scan the QR code on the printed receipt. Enter your phone number to validate your identity.
  10. The ATM machine will hand out the amount in cash.

Exchanging your cryptocurrencies for cash cannot get any easier!

An excellent option to ensure steady income in your store

If you have a store and wish to cash in on the burgeoning demand for crypto ATMs, it would be a great idea to install and host a Bitcoin ATM in your store. Hosting a cryptocurrency ATM is easier than you expect. Leading companies that help manage transactions in cryptocurrencies will offer all the assistance one needs to install a kiosk in an allocated space within the store. 

If you are interested in hosting an ATM, all you need to do is forward an application to companies that offer this service. Once your application has been assessed and approved by the concerned authorities, the company will provide all necessary equipment to get the ATM up and functioning within your store premises. 

Rest assured that the entire process is completely legal and in compliance with the rules laid down by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). It is also monitored by the Secrecy Act (BSA) to ensure that it adheres to the provisions of anti-money laundering. 

For more information on how to use Bitcoin ATM to sell cryptocurrencies and to discover how an ATM installation can help your business flourish in unbelievable ways, visit now. 

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