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Owing to the economic meltdown, many house owners switch off every electric appliance before leaving the house. Having an air-conditioner will increase your energy cost, hence you may consider switching it off. 

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Factors To Consider Before Turning Off Your AC

Before turning off your air-conditioner, you may want to ask;

How long will you be away from home? 

If you’re going on a vacation or a long trip, switching off your air-conditioner is a good idea.

You wouldn’t want to meet a huge bill when you return, hence, your AC should be put off. Besides that, leaving your house for that long will increase the room temperature which will require more work from your air-conditioner. 

To avoid that, you can install a programmable thermostat that can be remotely controlled. You only turn it up when leaving and when you’re on your way back, you switch on the air-conditioner. 

To avoid amassing more energy bills and pressure on your thermostat, closing your curtains will help reduce the heat from sunlight. 

If you’ll be leaving your home for a short while, switching on your air-conditioner is best for you. 

Coming back to pretty hot air in your home will require that you raise the degree of your AC to get the room temperature back. It is advisable to not just switch on your air-conditioner but increase the degree to a much higher level. 

Having said that, if you reside in an area with a hot climate, switching off your air-conditioner will increase your energy bill when you return. It’ll take several hours to return to room temperature which can increase humidity and also damage your air-conditioner. 

Reasons Why You Should Turn On Your Air-conditioner When You Leave Your Home

  1. It Prevents Mold Growth

Mold grows perfectly in a humid environment, hence, switching off your air-conditioner will enhance mold growth. To this, it is best to switch on your air-conditioner to reduce the humidity and chances of mold growth on walls, windows, and floors. 

  1. Comfortability

When you leave your home without adequate ventilation and are exposed to daylight sun, there is every chance that your house will be too warm. With this, switching on your air-conditioner to stabilize temperature will require double the cost and energy. 

At best, turn on your air-conditioner before leaving and prevent sunlight from penetrating your home. Doing this, you’ll have comfort whenever you return home. 

  1. Keeps Your Pets Healthy

If you have pets at home, just like every human being, they need fresh air to remain healthy. You wouldn’t want to return and meet a dead let due to suffocation or respiratory issues. 

Hence, adjust the temperature to suit them. If you’re considering energy costs, you can drop them off with someone. Leaving pets without quality air is prohibited and considered a criminal act in some states. 

  1. You Have Lower Energy Cost

The idea of switching off your air-conditioner reduces energy cost is not true. You’ll need to increase the degree of temperature from your air-conditioner to achieve a cool feel in your home whenever you return from work or a vacation. 

This will automatically increase your bills. Switching on your air-conditioner will reduce unnecessary costs. 

  1. Guaranteed Fresh Air 

The benefit of switching on your air-conditioner goes beyond making your room cool but also freshens the air. This has a great impact on your health, air pollution harms our health. 

Final Words

Having read through the salient reasons why you should switch on your air-conditioner, you are left with the choice of deciding what’s best for you. 

If you have a faulty air-conditioner, reach out to an expert or get a new one that will serve better.

By Manali