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Asylum in Sweden

The world is full of drama and uncertainties. No one could know what is going to happen in this vast world next minute. A single sentence or a single act from someone can lead to some tremendous wars. Our history is full of such incidents when a slight misunderstanding or a small fight has turned into a war. 

Similarly, sometimes a single group of criminals jammed the whole system of a country. All these situations lead to various hazards for a common man. Common people have to live in a country where a war is going on and numerous of them got killed for no reason during the whole event. It’s not necessary that as a common citizen you can be harmed only during criminal activities or some sort of war.

You can also feel yourself at the fear of losing life, property, or some damage to your family by some specific people or a single person. The best thing is to take help from the law of your country in such a situation. However, if it failed to provide you protection, then the only solution is to get a residence permit in Sweden or some other similar country. Sweden is mentioned specifically because its law and order situations are excellent.

Moreover, Sweden has also been a home for a lot of asylum seekers for more than 100 years. Meanwhile, the opportunities and facilities available here attract a lot of people to get residence there. They try to live there as fake asylum seekers. Due to this reason, the Swedish Government has specified the conditions under which you can get asylum there. Following are some cases that can make you eligible for Swedish asylum. 

Well-founded Fear of Persecution

The first condition for asylum in Sweden is the presence of a well-founded fear of persecution. Persecution is a common word that can be used for any type of ill-treatment or hostility due to various reasons including your religion, race, custom, language, etc. The complete detail and definitions of persecution have been issued by the United Nations in a handbook related to criteria and procedure of asylum.

There are different types of harm included in it. It might be serious physical harm due to some normal issues. Coercive treatment of any type of disease is also included in it. In case you have committed a crime, but the punishment is more than your crime according to the laws of that country, then you are also eligible for asylum. If you have been a victim of various criminal activities after a regular interval, it is also included in well-founded persecution. 

Establishment of a Well-founded Fear

If you have not yet been ill-treated by someone in your country of residence, but you think you can be subject to it in the near future, then you can apply for Swedish asylum. This case is most common when you are receiving some threats from a specific group or person. However, you cannot make a lame statement regarding this just to get residence in Sweden as the proper research will be done to check the existence of your well-founded fear.

Past Persecution

You can also apply for Swedish Asylum on the basis of past persecution. It means that if you have been persecuted in the past by any means in your country of origin but you don’t get asylum after that due to various reasons. These reasons might include the lack of awareness or family issues at that time. However, if you feel that you might again be subjected to such persecution, then you can apply for asylum on that basis.


If you fit in any of the above conditions, you can apply for asylum. Your next question will definitely be how long does it take to get asylum in Sweden. The answer is very easy as it depends upon the severity of your case. The maximum time could be no more than 180 days after the submission of the application. No matter what is the source or reason behind the persecution, Sweden will provide you protection after verification.

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