Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Looking for warm weather vacations or getaway destinations can be difficult if you have a family and everybody has different ideas about vacation. The water lovers crave the beach while those who love the cooler temperatures love hiking out west and you are stuck in the middle trying to please everyone.

If your family enjoys camping, where there are fun activities for the entire family, then that may resolve all your issues. Continue reading to discover the benefits and fun of camping and how to dress when camping in the summer.

Benefits of Camping

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation where you control the timing of activities and the amount of work that you want to put into it, camping is the way to go. In addition to fun, camping has many positive benefits. Some of those include:

  • Camping gives you a break from technology.
  • Camping gets you closer to nature.
  • Camping is affordable.
  • Camping helps you live with minimal goods.
  • Camping gives you a chance to explore.

Camping In Summer

Like other vacations, packing the right clothing when camping is essential to a good time. Since most campsites have shower facilities close by, you want to have clean, fresh clothes to change into as needed. Therefore, when camping during the summer, some crucial items of clothing are:

Daytime Camping Clothing

Most people camp overnight or over several nights. That means sleeping in a glamping tent or cabin for multiple nights and being prepared is vital. During the daytime, when the sun is hottest, sunscreen is the most important item that you can pack for camping. Protecting your skin from harmful rays is vital to your health. It is also crucial to have insect repellent handy.

In addition, it is important to pack comfortable, light clothing that you can layer and be able to take off during the day so that you are comfortable in the heat and humidity. That includes tank tops, shorts, lightweight pants, and long sleeve tops to keep bugs off your skin. Also, a sun hat or visor is your friend when out in the heat.

If you plan to hike or get sweaty while camping, bring some sweat-absorbing t-shirts so that you remain comfortable outside in the elements. It is also important if you are camping near a lake or a pool to bring a few bathing suits. That includes beach towels and cover-ups for a few days in the water.

At sites like Taconic state park camping ground, there is something for everybody, including swimming, rock climbing, rafting, mountain biking, canoeing, mountain bike riding and more. You should be sure to bring good athletic shoes, water shoes and flip flops for comfort.

Nighttime Camping Clothing

While you aren’t necessarily doing activities during the night when camping, you may want to be outside your tent enjoying a campfire. Therefore, you want to also pack heavier clothing like sweatpants and a sweatshirt for the nighttime.

If you are a person who must sleep in pajamas, be sure to pack according to the nighttime temperatures. Remember that it is usually a bit cooler in the woods and along the water. Clothes that are easier to layer work well at night also. Be also reminded to pack socks and a thin hat to keep your head warm in the tent.

Weather and Elements

Although it is not ideal to camp in the rain, Mother Nature is unpredictable and cannot offer guarantees. Therefore, regardless of the forecast, packing rain boots, galoshes, a raincoat, poncho, or lightweight jacket are the just-in-case pieces that every camper needs. Even if you have a waterproof tent or an RV on your camping trip if you need to go outside the tent or cabin for anything, having those pieces of protection will make your trip more comfortable.

As you have read, camping is a fun and enjoyable family vacation. As with any other vacation, the clothes you pack can make your vacation more enjoyable. In the warm weather during the daytime, you want clothing that will keep you cool. During the night, you want to dress warmly to get you through cool nights. Also, dressing during inclement weather is essential when camping.

By Manali