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Modern times call for contemporary ways of advertising. The traditional marketing methodologies aren’t quite revolutionary and due to the increase in online traffic, digital marketing is the way forward. Moreover, small companies or upcoming brands find it difficult to spend heavy amounts in advertising on traditional marketing platforms. Digital transformation has made it easy for everyone to invest in advertising based on their budgets.

Like every subject that needs to be learned, digital marketing also requires some knowledge to help you understand various branches of online marketing and help you make the right decisions. The rise of competitions has forced brands to stay ahead of each other and digital marketing is the best business strategy you can impose to make sure you stand out from the crowd. However, to understand the various factors involved with digital marketing it is important to learn about the various branches. Digital marketing is more than just posting ads on social media and here are the best digital marketing books to help you learn about advertising on the virtual platform.

Online Marketing Books You Must Read

  • The Consumer Of The Future: 10 Guiding Principles For Winning Tomorrow’s Business By Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan has brilliantly put together the ideas of web marketing by including some of the most noteworthy realistic examples of digital marketing. The book has a gripping pace and is easy to understand. Morgan completely eradicated the lengthy and difficult theoretical formulas and focuses more on what a novice can adapt to easily. With first-hand experience with the financial crisis in the United States, Morgan states the most effective measures of various consumer behaviours during a crisis when each and every competing company wanted to lure in customers. This book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs and marketers to easily understand consumer trends and make the right decisions at the right times.

  • See You On The Internet: Building Your Small Business With Digital Marketing By Avery Swartz

Swartz has intended this book to be read by startups and emerging brands. All the concepts of digital marketing have been easily put forward and the book itself has a grip that lets you turn pages without feeling overwhelmed or disinterested. See You On The Internet has amazingly included all the major aspects of digital marketing including website development, SEO friendly content, and advertising on social media platforms. Swartz has even included various practical examples for a small business to understand the consistency of digital marketing and how it helps in brand building as well as lead generations both organically and by paid advertising.

  • The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd By Allan Dib

No entrepreneur is a digital marketing specialist and to bridge the gap between understanding web marketing, Allan Dib’s book is a great way to start learning. In this book, the author helps you understand the basic concepts as well as a brilliant way to plan your marketing strategies. Based on actual implementation of various marketing advice, this book is easy to understand and is best for anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing without having any previous experience.

  • Superfans: The Easy Way To Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business By Pat Flynn

With social media becoming the most important branch of digital marketing, Superfans by PAt Flynn helps you understand how to grow your business on social media platforms. While every Facebook page or Instagram account has a number of followers, Flynn wants you to understand how to convert those followers into superfans that’ll help you promote your business without having to shell out money on advertising. This book is intended for you to understand how to grow your followers and encourage them to take part in your brand-building initiatives. Moreover, with Superfans you get an insight on how to handle your customers and make them fall in love with your products or services.

With the knowledge these books provide, you can become a digital marketing specialist to some degree and help your brand grow. Your journey towards digital transformation can be uplifted by these brilliant books and help you understand and plan your digital marketing strategy effectively based on the type of customers you want to target.

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