Tue. May 21st, 2024

Islam today is the second-largest of the world religion and the second or third largest religion in Europe and America. Believe it or not, Islam’s future has a lot to do with the current and future political scenarios. How is the USA interested in Islam, and how are their policies shaping their relations with the middle east, which is purely an Islamic area? For years the USA considered the middle east and Muslims a threat. Still, things have changed over the years, altering Islam’s future in the west and the world.

Islam resurged as we can say, and it has been growing over the years; it had always been the best source of interest whether it was because of Islamophobia or any other reason, over the past few Islam has become one of the fastest and the most growing religions in the world. USA attitude towards Islam has also changed and will further change in the future as Saudi Arabia becoming a vital oil source for the US; things have definitely changed regarding the political situation of Muslims, Islam was the religion the west once wanted to destroy, and are now joining hands with one of the most prominent Muslim countries in the world. Learn about Islam online.


Muslims are now coming forward and speaking against the cruel treatment and the growing rate of Islamophobia, encouraging western leaders to put an end to it. Muslims are slowly becoming involved in non-Muslim countries; the rapid pace of growing mosques and Islamic centers in non-Muslim countries is proof of that. In terms of demographics, the population of the world’s Muslims will increase from around 20% to 25% by the year 2050. Muslims in the western non-Muslim countries will also rise over the next few years, leading to an increase in the Muslim population worldwide. Over the years, more Muslim advocates will also speak up against the treatment of Muslims, resulting in many laws being passed to protect the Muslims.

The Arab world has been changing and will further change in the future as well with many oppressed Muslims now finding their voices and the middle east entering this whole new phase, garnering power and, as we can say, the resurgence of Islam’s religious, social and political consciousness has been increasing and which will genuinely be the Wests biggest challenge in years to come. As Islam is becoming the world’s fastest-growing religion, we can tell how things will work for sure in years to come; as more and more Muslims speak up against the treatment of Muslims, Islamophobia, at least on its surface, will end. You may also like to learn about the Arabic Language classes.


On the other hand, things might still be difficult. The future of Islam might still have a bit of obstacle; as disparity and differences within different Muslim groups keep increasing, it will be harder for Muslims to live together. The issues will keep growing also; talking about the Islamic countries being treated right is not entirely true. It is only the middle east at the moment that is having its moment. Other Islamic countries such as the African states are still considered a threat and are omitted and will remain so in the future. As the Muslim population increases with time, things for Muslims might become more challenging as the west will consider this their biggest threat meaning the treatment might still not get better. Most Islamic countries are still living in significant poverty, and that does not look like it will change in years to come. We can also say that extremism might increase as more and more people try to use Islam for their good and misguide the people.


So, the future of Islam, as we can say, will have a lot of changes as the Muslim population increases; Islam will become one of the most followed and prevalent religions and will also lead to more Muslim minorities living in different parts of the world to increase in number. But as the Quran mentions, the sufferings of the Muslims might also increase in years to come, as we can see that with the current situations in a lot of parts of the world. Islam will spread to different parts of the world. The political situation might also lead to a change in the future for Islam, so there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding what the situation of Islam will be like shortly.

By Manali