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Testosterone hormone is the driving force behind muscle development, sexual desire, high energy, among others. In its absence, the body would suffer from loss of muscle mass, stress, and depression. Although the process can be demanding, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), is the best and the fastest way to increase testosterone. That is because the patient can start seeing big results in the first year of their treatment.

While there is a lot of information surrounding this topic; we have provided this article with the must-knows about TRT. If you are looking for the best testosterone replacement therapy here, this article will guide you on how to navigate the process.

TRT Has Side Effects

While it has worked before and still works even now, TRT is a treatment method that exhibits some side effects just like any other method of treatment. These side effects range from acne to swelling and tenderness of the breasts. Some patients may experience an increased risk of cardiovascular problems like stroke as well as an increase in the likelihood of the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Depending on how dire the patient needs to increase their T levels, they should seek medical advice from their doctor to ensure the benefits outweigh the side effects. In most cases, men would do well without using this method to increase the level of testosterone in their bodies. Patients are advised to seek professional analysis and diagnosis from a doctor to establish if this is the best way to increase their T levels.

More Benefits Other than Sex

With so many body functions that depend on testosterone, an increase in testosterone will benefit your body in more ways than just sexual. Men on TRT have reported an increase in their energy levels, they are more motivated and in a good mood while under this treatment. They notice an increase in muscle mass after a few months of usage, increased confidence, and a generally positive outlook of life.

Treatment Can Be Offered in Different Ways

If you are looking to understand more or try out this treatment to solve the signs and symptoms of low T, there are several ways you can get this treatment through. These ingestion methods are both safe and convenient for their condition. 

The methods of ingestion include;

  • Oral medications – This is where the prescribed medication is ingested through the mouth either as pills or drops of liquid.
  • Intramuscular injections – It is the most common way to give testosterone hormone, especially to patients with abnormally low levels. It is an effective way to get T hormones working in the body.
  • Topical creams – The patient is prescribed to rub this cream on their abdomen and shoulders. This stimulates the body to begin the production of testosterone.
  • Transdermal patches – Patches are attached to the abdominal area and the shoulder by the patient each day to help increase the amount of testosterone produced by the body.

TRT Does Not Heal Testosterone Deficiency

TRT is not a cure for low testosterone but rather a method that helps your body reach and maintain an acceptable level of testosterone for the proper functioning of the body. For this reason, this treatment method is coupled with other practices that help maintain the production of this testosterone with fewer side effects. 

Since there is no specific time frame that this method can help the patient achieve a maximum testosterone level, you would need to continually be on TRT to be able to continue enjoying the benefits. This has its disadvantages as the body is exposed to artificially produced T hormones thereby inhibiting the testes from producing them naturally. 

TRT is Not for Everyone

Everyone can benefit from this method of treatment but not everyone can safely undergo it. This is because the risks of this treatment method outweigh the benefits one could derive from it. With the increased risk of heart attack, sleep apnea, and risk of prostate cancer, TRT poses more risk to people with certain conditions.

These include men who’ve had or have prostate and breast cancer, untreated urinary tract infections, sleep apnea, and a history of heart problems. This is because the side effects of both short-term and long-term use of this treatment can threaten similar characteristics to the problems with each condition.

TRT can be an exciting way to freedom and healthy sex life when well prescribed for your condition. It is advised to seek your doctor’s testing and recommendation of a certain treatment method depending on your signs and test results. Changing your lifestyle and ditching certain behavior can help increase the natural production of testosterone.

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