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If you work with gift printing and use a heat printing system, we recommend you use a professional heat press machine. In fact, in the printing business, these t shirt printing machines for small business are an ideal choice. This is why you need to read these machines and go for the right kind based on your business needs. In this guide, you will read about some of the important things to consider when buying a heat press machine. To read.

 Let’s read about each of these factors.

Type of heat press machine

As far as types are concerned, there are two basic types of heat press machines: clam type and swing-away type:

Clam type:

This type of press machine has a top plate that rises. When using this machine, the upper plateau rises and the lower plateau can slide towards the user of the machine. The beauty of this machine is that it can be placed in a small room. So, if space is a problem for you, we suggest you use a clam-type heat press machine.

Swing-away type:

Unlike the first type of machine, the swing-away type press machine has a top plate that goes up and sways to the right. In fact, most of the top plates of this type of machine can be rotated 100 degrees without any problem, which is another great feature of this tool.


Make sure the machine is large enough for your printing needs. If the machine is small, you will not be able to complete the order on time. For example, if you do not receive large orders often, we recommend that you stick with a smaller machine. On the other hand, if you have to print large designs and often get large orders, you should choose a larger machine.

Analog and digital

As far as technology goes you have two options. You can choose between a digital machine and an analog machine. The beauty of digital machines is that they are smart. In other words, they are user friendly and more accurate. However, they can be a little more expensive. But the extra cost will be worth it.


The heat press machine comes with a set of attachments, but not all of them have attachments. With some machines, you need to add a specific attachment to process a product. Different types of attachments will be used depending on the type of product. In other words, the same add-on cannot be used for a keychain and shirt. Also, make sure you have the right add-ons based on the size of the product you are going to produce.

So, if you are looking for a heat press machine, we advise you to test different machines before buying one. Choosing the wrong machine will make your job harder for you. Hope this helps.

Distribute heat across the plateau

Your machine needs to be able to deliver consistent, even temperature across the plateau. One of the most common problems with cheap heat presses is that they do not conduct heat distribution very well.

For brands that provide excellent and even heat across their platforms, check out the popular Hotronic heat press machines.

These machines contain three times more heating material than other presses, which is why they are the brand of choice for those who take their heat pressure seriously.

These aren’t cheap, but they do provide professional results every time. These are perfect for business use. Click here to see the range of Hotronix presses.

If you plan to use the machine for hobby, I suggest you start with a more budget machine. This Amazon Powerpress is our favorite beginner press.

It has great impressive even heat distribution for a clamshell-type press. You will love it! Click here to check it out on Amazon (and see how many incredible reviews there are!)

The right temperature

Heat press machines are much better than iron, because you can actually set and control their temperature.

When you apply for transfer, having the right temperature settings is essential for the heat transfer process to be successful.

Very low heat and you can loosen your graphic after some washing. Excessive heat and you push your transfer glue too far into the fibers of the shirt, causing the image to wash out and look pale.

Of course, more expensive heat press machines generally have more reliable and accurate temperature readings. Find a machine that has a cal-rod heating element.

Even stress

You want a heat press with a flotation heat plate so that the concentrated pressure is adjusted.

We personally like swing-away heat presses because their ability to handle pressure is much better than clamshell-type machines.

For beginners, this is one of our favorite swing-away heat presses.

It’s a little smaller than my choice (I like the 15×15 ″ press), but for the price it’s a great press. Click here to view the transfer craft press on Amazon.

Easy to open and close

You want a machine that opens at a smooth and fluid speed. If you make extensively custom shirts on a daily basis, a simple open press is even more important.

Digital time and temperature

Cheap heat press depends on manual or bell timer. They usually have a dial thermostat.

If you only occasionally print heat but this is perfectly fine, you will want a digital time and temperature control panel for heavy work pressure.

Digital settings are also great because you can input your desired settings and use them repeatedly.

Easy-to-position garments

How easily can you put your clothes in your heat press? How easy is it to work with precise placement?

For example, if you are buying a clam-shell press, it is easy to burn yourself while trying to move the garment to the right place.

It is much easier to determine the right place with the swing-away style press. If you’re ready to buy a clam-shell (or have limited space in your home), you may want to check out the best heat press machines  because they feature a wide 65-degree opening (which is 10% wider than other brands).

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